University of Yale Scholarships for International Students – USA

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Undergraduate Scholarships

  1. Financial Aid
  • Scholarship Amount: 100% of full demonstrated need

The Yale Financial Aid program is a need-based award that is given regardless of citizenship or immigration status. It is a two-part program that includes either a Yale Scholarship, entitlement grant, or external scholarship. Another is a Student Share, which is the learner’s contribution coming from term or summer job earnings.

The application is open for all students of all financial backgrounds. Yale University scholarship preference is given to those whose family has an annual income of less than $65,000. 100% of applicants fitting to this group are given financial aid with a median amount of $70,686.


99% of applicants from the $65,000-$100,000 and $100,000-$150,000 brackets are granted financial aid as well.

International students who have a Financial Aid offer – but have to postpone schooling due to any other reason – need not reapply should he/she finally decide to join.

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  1. Yale Scholarship
  • Scholarship exact Amount: Varies (few hundred dollars to $70,000 – an average of $50,000)

The Yale Scholarship is a need-based award that involves no repayment. Students who are granted this scholarship are informed through the Financial Aid letter.

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Graduate Scholarships

  1. Financial Assistance for Master’s Programs
  • Scholarship Amount: According to student’s demonstrated need

True to its obligation to being financially accessible to students from various upbringings and nations, Yale offers financial support to Master’s students of its graduate and professional schools.

Available to students with validated need, this may be changed in the subsequent years – granted there are no substantial changes in the applicant’s financial status.

This Yale University scholarship for Master’s students typically vary according to school. For MA Architecture students, for example, qualified applicants may be given an Individual Resource Scholarship. This is available to candidates who cannot/will not provide parental financial information.


Another option is the Family Resource Scholarship, which is awarded to students who can provide the financial information of their households. This often comes with a higher amount, especially if the student’s family is proven to be in a dire financial situation.

Mandatory documents include the International Student Financial Aid Application and Parent Financial Statement forms.

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  1. Yale University Fellowship
  • Scholarship Amount: Minimum level of backing for 5 years

This fellowship program is given by the Graduate School of Arts & Science to all of its Ph.D. applicants. This Yale University scholarship is awarded according to merit and the references given by the corresponding departments.

The Yale University fellowship is usually granted to first and second-year doctorate students, as a teaching fellowship or research assistantship is often given during the later years.

Apart from covering the tuition fee, the fellowship also includes Yale basic health coverage. Some may even be eligible for a Health Award as the case may be, which covers hospitalization and prescriptions.

All Yale University fellows may not accept other financial awards outside of this one.

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