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Top 18 Countries with Highest Salary for Nurses

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Nursing, a profession often described as the backbone of healthcare, has faced unprecedented challenges in recent times, exacerbated by the relentless COVID-19 pandemic. In this crucial moment, nurses around the world find themselves at a crossroads, with burnout rates soaring and the need for recognition and support more pressing than ever. This article aims to shed light on the top 18 countries offering the highest salaries for nurses, providing a comprehensive guide for those considering an international nursing career.

  1. Spain: $43,422

    • Boasting excellent working conditions and a robust healthcare system, Spain is a prime destination for international nurses, especially those specializing in areas like pediatrics, geriatrics, and mental health.
  2. Japan: $52,604
    • Reforms in 2015 have elevated Japan to one of the highest-paying countries for nurses. Trained nurses now have increased autonomy, making it an attractive option for those seeking both professional and financial growth.
  3. Italy: $55,616

    • Italy addresses its nursing shortage by offering nursing education in both English and Italian. International students can pursue nursing, provided they pass a language proficiency test and secure sponsorship from a hospital.
  4. United Kingdom: $63,454

    • The UK, with its popular Overseas Nursing Programme (ONP), is a sought-after destination for international nurses. Specializations in adult, child, learning disability, or mental health are available, contributing to a significant number of nurses on the permanent register.
  5. New Zealand: $63,480

    • Offering accessible pathways for internationally qualified nurses, New Zealand requires nursing registration, Competence Assessment Programme (CAP), and immigration permits. The country is considered highly accommodating for nurses seeking international opportunities.
  6. Ireland: $63,829

    • Ireland stands out with one of the highest nurse salaries, attributed to government investments in healthcare, strong unions, and quality care goals. Practicing nurses must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.
  7. Finland: $69,873

    • Facing a nursing shortage, Finland opens its doors to international nurses with requirements such as Valvira registration, language proficiency, and relevant work experience. Competitive salaries reflect the high demand and quality of healthcare in the country.
  8. Germany: $69,981

    • Germany, with its flexible working schedules and generous vacation policies, is a top destination for nurses seeking a balance between career and personal life. The country recorded a significant number of nurses and midwives in 2019.
  9. Canada: $71,028

    • Known for its welcoming stance on immigration, Canada offers a promising career path for international nurses. Recognized degrees, language proficiency, and licensing are prerequisites for practicing in the country.
  10. Belgium: $72,203

    • Belgium offers various pathways for entering nursing practice, including bachelor’s degrees and certifications. Language proficiency, clinical training, and registration requirements must be met, and foreign nurses follow NARIC recognition for practice.

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