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AEDC Salary Structure In Nigeria: How Much Do Staff Earn Monthly?

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If you’re considering a career with the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) in Nigeria, you might be curious about their salary structure. AEDC is one of the major electricity distribution companies serving Abuja, Niger, and Kogi states. Let’s break down how they determine salaries, so you can have a clearer picture.

Job Titles and What They Pay


  • Salary: ₦152,302 per month
    Accountants at AEDC handle financial records and reports to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Civil Engineer:

  • Salary: ₦152,302 per month
    Civil Engineers are responsible for designing and overseeing construction projects related to electrical infrastructure.

Data Analyst:

  • Salary: ₦145,000 per month
    Data Analysts work with large sets of data to provide insights and recommendations for improving operations.

Distribution Substation Operator:

  • Salary: ₦42,000 per month
    These operators manage the distribution of electricity from substations to different areas.

Electrical and Electronics Engineer:

  • Salary: ₦165,000 per month
    Engineers in this role work on designing, testing, and maintaining electrical systems.

Electrical Technician:

  • Salary: ₦32,000 per month
    Technicians assist in installing and maintaining electrical equipment.

Experience Matters

Your experience plays a significant role in determining your salary at AEDC. Generally, the more experience you have, the higher your salary.

  • An accountant with 10 years of experience might earn around ₦180,000 per month.
  • While someone with 5 years might earn about ₦130,000 per month.

Location, Location, Location

Salaries can also vary based on where you work. Employees in urban areas like Abuja generally earn more than those in rural areas.

  • An accountant in Abuja could earn around ₦180,000 per month.
  • While someone in a smaller city might earn about ₦120,000 per month.

Other Factors Influencing Salary

Besides job title, experience, and location, AEDC considers other factors like your performance and the company’s financial health when determining salaries.

For instance, an outstanding performer might receive bonuses or salary increments, while the company’s overall performance can influence annual raises.


The AEDC salary structure is competitive, reflecting industry standards. It considers various factors like job title, experience, location, and performance. Understanding these elements can help you navigate your career at AEDC effectively.


1. How often are salaries reviewed at AEDC?

Salaries at AEDC are typically reviewed annually, though performance-based reviews can happen more frequently.

2. Can I negotiate my salary at AEDC?

While salaries are structured, there might be room for negotiation based on your qualifications and the demand for your role.

3. Are there opportunities for salary growth at AEDC?

Yes, as you gain experience and skills, there are opportunities for salary growth through promotions, performance bonuses, and annual raises.

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