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Nigerian Airforce Salary: How Much Is Nigeria Air Force Salary Per Month?

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Joining the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is not just a job; it’s a commitment to serving your country while building a rewarding career. If you’re considering this path, one of the crucial things you’d want to know is how much you’ll be earning. In this post, we break down the NAF salary structure in an easy-to-understand manner, along with some commonly asked questions.

NAF Salary Structure: What You Need to Know

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs)

For those starting out as Non-Commissioned Officers, here’s what you can expect:

  • Aircraftman: ₦52,892 per month (about $120 USD*)
  • Lance Corporal: ₦59,261 per month ($135 USD*)
  • Corporal: ₦65,261 per month ($149 USD*)

As you gain experience and get promoted, your salary will increase. For instance, an Air Warrant Officer can earn up to ₦171,793 per month ($393 USD*).

Commissioned Officers

If you’re aiming for a commissioned officer position, the starting salaries are:

  • Pilot Officer: ₦187,159 per month ($428 USD*)

And it can go up significantly with promotions. The highest-ranking officer, Marshal of the Nigerian Air Force, earns a whopping ₦2,800,000 per month ($6,444 USD*).

Additional Income Boosters

Apart from the base salary, NAF personnel also enjoy:

  • Allowances: These vary based on housing, location, and special duties, providing a significant boost to your income.
  • Benefits: Think health insurance, subsidized housing, and educational benefits. These perks make the compensation package even more attractive.

Note: The figures provided are approximate and based on available public information. They may change over time due to official updates.

NAF Salary Summary (2024)

RankMonthly Salary (Approx.)
Lance Corporal₦59,261
Flight Sergeant₦97,115
Warrant Officer₦101,974
Master Warrant Officer₦165,697
Air Warrant Officer₦171,793
Pilot Officer₦187,159
Flying Officer₦218,400
Flight Lieutenant₦332,484
Squadron Leader₦648,004
Wing Commander₦742,586
Group Captain₦852,631
Air Commodore₦977,895
Air Vice-Marshal₦1,699,451
Air Marshal₦1,699,451
Air Chief Marshal₦1,838,711
Marshal of the NAF₦2,800,000


Joining the Nigerian Air Force offers not only a chance to serve your country but also a promising career with competitive pay and benefits. Whether you start as an Aircraftman or aim for the highest rank as a Marshal of the NAF, there’s a structured path to help you grow professionally and financially.


1. How are NAF salaries determined?

NAF salaries are based on rank and years of service. As you gain experience and get promoted, your salary will increase accordingly.

2. Do NAF personnel receive any allowances?

Yes, NAF personnel receive various allowances such as housing, location, and special duties allowances, which can significantly boost their income.

3. Are there any benefits apart from the salary?

Absolutely! NAF personnel also enjoy benefits like health insurance, subsidized housing, and educational benefits, enhancing their overall compensation package.

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