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State House Of Assembly Salary Structure In Nigeria

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The State House of Assembly in Nigeria is the backbone of each state’s legislative process. Comprising elected representatives, they are pivotal in creating laws and overseeing the state’s executive activities. But one question that often pops up is: How much do these members earn?

How Much Do State House of Assembly Members Earn?

The salary of a State House of Assembly member is set by the individual state legislatures. However, there’s a general range that most states tend to follow.

Basic Salary Range

On average, a member’s basic salary falls between N600,000 to N800,000 monthly.

Additional Allowances

Apart from the basic salary, members receive various allowances to support their roles:

  1. Office Running Allowance: This covers the day-to-day expenses of managing their office. This includes salaries for staff, buying office supplies, and covering travel costs.
  2. Constituency Allowance: This fund is allocated for development projects and initiatives within the member’s constituency.
  3. Vehicle Allowance: To facilitate their work, members are granted an allowance for purchasing and maintaining a vehicle.
  4. Hardship Allowance: Members representing challenging constituencies, like those affected by natural disasters or conflict, receive an extra allowance to recognize their efforts.
  5. Other Allowances: Some states may offer more allowances, such as entertainment, housing, or medical allowances.

The overall pay package for a member depends on the combination of these allowances and the living costs in their area.


State House of Assembly members play crucial roles in shaping the legislative landscape of Nigeria’s states. While their basic salary provides a foundation, it’s the allowances that help them effectively serve their constituencies. Understanding this structure gives us insight into the complexities and responsibilities of their roles.


1. How is the salary of State House of Assembly members determined?

The salary of State House of Assembly members is determined by each state’s legislature. While there’s a general range, individual states can set their specific amounts.

2. What are constituency allowances used for?

Constituency allowances are used to fund development projects and programs within the member’s constituency, addressing local needs and concerns.

3. Are there additional allowances besides the ones mentioned?

Yes, besides the allowances listed, some states offer extra allowances like entertainment, housing, or medical allowances to their State House of Assembly members.

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