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State House Of Representatives Salary Structure In Nigeria

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Nigeria’s State House of Representatives serves as the lower house of the country’s bicameral legislature. Elected representatives from each state form this crucial body, responsible for lawmaking and overseeing the executive branch.

A burning question often arises: How much do these representatives earn?

What’s the Salary Like?

The salary of a State House of Representatives member in Nigeria isn’t set in stone, but there’s a general range most states adhere to. Typically, a member can expect a basic salary between N800,000 to N1 million per month.

What Else Do They Get?

Apart from their monthly salary, representatives enjoy several allowances to support their roles:

  1. Office Running Allowance: This helps cover office-related expenses like staff salaries, office supplies, and travel costs.
  2. Constituency Allowance: This fund is set aside for projects and programs benefiting the representative’s constituency.
  3. Vehicle Allowance: To ensure mobility, there’s an allowance for purchasing and maintaining a vehicle.
  4. Hardship Allowance: For those representing challenging constituencies, such as areas hit by natural disasters or conflict, there’s a hardship allowance.

How Much Do They Take Home?

The total earnings of a representative can fluctuate based on allowances and the number of terms served. With all these components factored in, a representative’s total monthly pay can be quite substantial.


Being a member of Nigeria’s State House of Representatives is not just about lawmaking. It’s a role that comes with its own set of responsibilities and financial benefits. While the basic salary offers a good starting point, the allowances significantly boost a representative’s income, making it a lucrative position.


1. How much is the basic salary of a State House of Representatives member in Nigeria?

  • The basic salary ranges from N800,000 to N1 million per month.

2. What allowances do State House of Representatives members receive?

  • They receive allowances for office running, constituency projects, vehicle maintenance, and hardship.

3. Can the total monthly earnings of a representative exceed the basic salary?

  • Yes, with allowances added, a representative’s total monthly pay can exceed the basic salary, varying based on terms served and roles undertaken

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