Salary Structure

Salary Structure of the Federal Character Commission (FCC)

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The Federal Character Commission (FCC) plays a crucial role in ensuring that all states in Nigeria have fair and equal representation in the public service. Let’s dive into what the FCC does and what you can expect in terms of salary if you’re considering a career there.

What is the Federal Character Commission (FCC)?

The FCC is a government agency tasked with promoting and ensuring fairness in the distribution of public offices and other facilities among the various ethnic groups and regions in Nigeria. Essentially, the FCC works to ensure that every state is represented proportionately in the public service.

Roles of the FCC

Apart from ensuring fair representation, the FCC also monitors and enforces compliance with the federal character principle. This means that when it comes to appointments in public offices and institutions, the FCC ensures that the process is fair and adheres to the principles of equity and inclusiveness.

Salary for Entry-Level Positions at the FCC

If you’re looking to start your career at the FCC, here’s what you can expect in terms of salary for entry-level positions:

  • Assistant Executive Officer II: N1,252,388
  • Assistant Administrative Officer II: N1,117,651
  • Assistant Inspector II: N1,026,434
  • Assistant System Analyst II: N1,252,388
  • Assistant Accountant II: N1,117,651

These positions are generally filled by individuals with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.

Salary Structure for Other Positions

For those with more experience or higher grade levels at the FCC, the salary structure is as follows:

  • Grade 07: N1,410,792 – N1,692,950
  • Grade 08: N1,584,600 – N1,901,520
  • Grade 09: N1,773,600 – N2,123,520
  • Grade 10: N1,980,000 – N2,364,000
  • Grade 11: N2,214,000 – N2,636,400
  • Grade 12: N2,466,000 – N2,932,200
  • Grade 13: N2,740,000 – N3,252,000
  • Grade 14: N3,040,000 – N3,596,000
  • Grade 15: N3,366,000 – N3,972,000

The salary range for these positions is determined by grade level and years of experience.


The Federal Character Commission (FCC) is an important institution that ensures fairness and equity in the public service sector in Nigeria. Whether you’re starting your career or looking to advance, the FCC offers competitive salary packages that reflect your qualifications and experience.


  1. What is the main role of the FCC?

    • The FCC’s main role is to ensure fair and equitable representation of all states and ethnic groups in the public service of Nigeria.
  2. How are salaries determined at the FCC?

    • Salaries at the FCC are determined based on grade level and years of experience. Entry-level positions have set salaries, while higher positions have a salary range that increases with grade level.
  3. Can anyone apply for positions at the FCC?

    • Generally, positions at the FCC require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience. However, specific requirements may vary depending on the position and grade level.

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