Salary Structure

Salary Structure of Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority (NEPZA)

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In the heart of West Africa, Nigeria stands as a beacon of economic potential, and the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority (NEPZA) plays a pivotal role in shaping its industrial landscape. As a government agency tasked with regulating and promoting free trade zones, NEPZA offers an array of enticing incentives to investors. In this guide, we delve into the agency’s functions, the perks it extends to investors, and the salary structure it employs for its dedicated workforce.

NEPZA’s Role in Nigeria’s Economic Development:

NEPZA, the vanguard of Nigeria’s economic progress, is dedicated to overseeing and fostering free trade zones across the nation. These zones provide a conducive environment for businesses, offering investors a strategic platform to thrive in the competitive global market.

Incentives for Investors:

Investing in Nigeria through NEPZA comes with a range of incentives designed to facilitate growth and development. These incentives include tax breaks, allowing investors to retain more of their earnings, duty-free imports, reducing operational costs, and streamlined regulatory procedures, ensuring a smoother business environment.

NEPZA Employee Salary Structure:

At the core of NEPZA’s success is its team of dedicated professionals. The salary structure for NEPZA employees is based on the Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure (CONPASS), a unified framework for federal government employees in Nigeria. Let’s explore the salary levels from entry-level positions to top management:

  1. Entry Level: N53,946.13 As aspiring professionals embark on their NEPZA journey, the entry-level salary provides a competitive starting point.
  2. Level 8: N90,662.50 Progressing through the ranks, employees at Level 8 enjoy increased financial rewards for their dedication and expertise.
  3. Level 9: N100,431.25 Level 9 signifies a step up in responsibilities, accompanied by a corresponding increase in compensation.
  4. Level 10: N110,792.50 Professionals at Level 10 are pivotal contributors, and their salary reflects the importance of their roles in NEPZA’s operations.
  5. Level 11: N121,818.75 As employees reach Level 11, they enter the realm of higher management, bringing with them valuable experience and leadership.
  6. Level 12: N133,596.25 Level 12 represents a significant milestone in an employee’s career, recognizing their dedication to NEPZA’s mission.
  7. Level 13: N146,140.00 Professionals at Level 13 are seasoned experts, contributing significantly to NEPZA’s success and enjoying commensurate compensation.
  8. Level 14: N159,486.25 Level 14 signifies a senior management position, where employees play a crucial role in shaping the organization’s future.
  9. Level 15: N173,706.25 At this stage, NEPZA employees are leaders in their respective fields, guiding the organization toward greater heights.
  10. Level 16: N188,853.75 The Level 16 salary reflects the top-tier expertise and leadership skills required at this stage of the career ladder.
  11. Level 17: N204,941.25 Professionals at Level 17 hold key leadership positions, contributing to NEPZA’s strategic vision and enjoying a corresponding salary.
  12. Level 18: N222,003.75 As top-level executives, employees at Level 18 play a pivotal role in steering NEPZA’s overarching goals, accompanied by a competitive salary.


NEPZA stands as a cornerstone in Nigeria’s economic development, providing investors with a conducive environment to thrive. The agency’s commitment to its workforce is evident in the structured salary levels, attracting and retaining top talent. As NEPZA continues to drive growth and innovation, its employees stand as pillars of success, ensuring a brighter future for Nigeria’s economic landscape.

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