Salary Structure

Salary Structure of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)

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The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) stands as a beacon of hope for the people of the Niger Delta region in Nigeria. Established in 2000, its primary mission is to uplift living conditions through strategic planning, execution, and monitoring of development projects. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the essence of the NDDC and shed light on its salary structure, a topic of interest for many aspiring individuals.

Understanding the NDDC’s Mission:

At the heart of the NDDC’s existence is a commitment to improving the socio-economic landscape of the Niger Delta region. By spearheading development projects, the commission aims to empower communities, create opportunities, and foster sustainable growth.

Exploring the NDDC Salary Structure:

For those eyeing a career with the NDDC, understanding the salary structure is crucial. The commission follows the Consolidated Public Sector Salary Structure (CONPASS), offering competitive remuneration across various levels:

  1. Entry Level (CONPASS 7): Starting at ₦115,260 and reaching ₦131,679.
  2. Junior Officer (CONPASS 8): Ranging from ₦139,040 to ₦158,716.
  3. Senior Officer (CONPASS 9): Starting at ₦164,142 and going up to ₦190,366.
  4. Principal Officer (CONPASS 10): Enjoying a scale from ₦196,943 to ₦229,678.
  5. Assistant Director (CONPASS 12): Beginning at ₦247,193 and capping at ₦280,927.
  6. Deputy Director (CONPASS 13): Earning between ₦295,000 and ₦342,279.
  7. Director (CONPASS 14): With a salary range spanning ₦349,231 to ₦407,126.

Why Work for the NDDC?

Beyond the attractive salary structure, a career with the NDDC offers the chance to make a meaningful impact in one of Nigeria’s vital regions. As a key player in development initiatives, employees contribute to positive change and community upliftment.

How to Join the NDDC:

For those inspired to join the NDDC family, the recruitment process involves rigorous evaluation. Aspiring candidates should stay updated on official announcements, ensuring they meet the qualifications and application requirements.


the Niger Delta Development Commission is a driving force for positive change in the Niger Delta region. Its commitment to development, coupled with a competitive salary structure, makes it an appealing career choice. Aspiring individuals should consider not only the financial benefits but also the opportunity to contribute to transformative projects that impact lives positively.

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