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Salary structure of Education And Political Science graduate in Nigeria

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Are you a recent graduate pondering your career options in Nigeria? Perhaps you hold a degree in Education or Political Science, and while passion fuels your aspirations, understanding the financial landscape is equally vital. Let’s dive into the intriguing world of salary structures for graduates in these fields, shedding light on potential career paths and earnings.

Education: Shaping Young Minds

If you dream of molding the future through education, your journey might start in primary or secondary schools. As a teacher, your dedication sets the stage for generations to come. Starting salaries at Level 7 hover around ₦465,000 (≈US$1,100), gradually climbing to over ₦2,800,000 (≈US$6,600) for Assistant/Deputy Directors (Level 14).

For those inclined towards higher education, universities and polytechnics beckon. Beginning as Assistant Lecturers at Level 8, you could earn approximately ₦586,000 (≈US$1,400), with the potential to reach ₦3,400,000 (≈US$8,000) as Professors (Level 15) after years of dedicated service.

If research and analysis pique your interest, educational research and development institutions offer stimulating opportunities. Entry-level research officers start around ₦647,000 (≈US$1,500) at Level 8, soaring to well over ₦3,700,000 (≈US$8,800) for Senior Research Fellows (Level 15).

Political Science: 

For graduates passionate about politics, diverse avenues await in Nigeria. Government agencies and ministries offer roles in policy formulation and public administration. Entry-level positions like Assistant Administrative Officers start around ₦465,000 (≈US$1,100) at Level 7, with the potential to rise to ₦3,000,000 (≈US$7,100) for Directors (Level 14).

Alternatively, NGOs focusing on social change beckon those with a passion for advocacy. Salaries vary but typically start at ₦500,000 (≈US$1,200) for entry-level positions, with opportunities for growth into senior roles earning ₦2,000,000+ (≈US$4,700+).

For those intrigued by political analysis and research, think tanks and research institutions offer exciting prospects. Entry-level research analysts can expect salaries starting around ₦647,000 (≈US$1,500) at Level 8, potentially rising to ₦3,700,000 (≈US$8,800) for Senior Research Fellows (Level 15).


Choosing a career path involves more than just passion; it requires an understanding of financial realities. Whether you aspire to shape young minds through education or navigate the intricate political landscape, knowing what awaits empowers you to make informed decisions. Remember, your earning potential soars with experience, qualifications, and specialization. Pursue further education, certifications, and leadership roles to unlock new opportunities and elevate your career trajectory.


1: Do I need additional qualifications to increase my earning potential?

Yes, pursuing advanced degrees, professional certifications, and leadership roles can significantly enhance your earning potential in both education and political science fields.

2: Are salaries in NGOs stable and competitive?

NGO salaries can vary depending on funding and organizational structure. While entry-level positions may offer moderate salaries, senior roles often provide competitive compensation packages.

3: How can I progress in my career as an education or political science graduate?

Networking, continuous learning, and gaining practical experience are key to advancing your career in these fields. Seek mentorship, pursue opportunities for professional development, and stay updated on industry trends to propel your growth

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