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Federal Civil Service Commission Salary Structure for All Grade Levels

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The Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) of Nigeria plays a crucial role in the country’s administrative machinery, overseeing appointments, transfers, and disciplinary matters for Federal Civil Servants. With its reputation for offering competitive salaries and job security, it’s no wonder that many young Nigerians eagerly apply for positions within the commission. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the FCSC salary structure, breaking down the earnings from the least paid staff to the coveted position of Director.

Responsibilities of the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC):

Before we unravel the salary details, let’s briefly touch on the responsibilities of the FCSC, which include:

  1. Recruitment of senior officers.
  2. Providing guidelines for promotions, discipline, and appointments.
  3. Representation at senior staff committee meetings of ministries.
  4. Reviewing and approving recommendations on disciplinary cases.
  5. Ensuring the overall promotion process.

Now, let’s explore the FCSC salary structure at various grade levels:

  1. Least Paid Staff (Grade Level 01 Step 01):

    • Monthly: N18,900
    • Annual: N226,800
  2. School Leaver (Grade Level 04 Step 01):

    • Annual: N242,994
  3. Officers (Grade Level 06 Step 01):

    • Annual: N316,229 (Step 15: N487,295)
  4. Diploma Certificate Holder (Grade Level 07 Step 01):

    • Monthly: N43,163
    • Annual: N517,965
  5. Officers’ Counterparts (Grade Level 09 Step 01):

    • Annual: N780,656 (Step 15: N1,152,698)
  6. Graduate (Level 08 Step 15):

    • Monthly: N81,000
    • Annual: N978,663
  7. Director of the Federal Civil Service (Grade Level 17 Step 9):

    • Monthly: N454,344
    • Annual: N5,452,136


As evident from the salary breakdown, the FCSC offers competitive compensation, with the Director position standing out as the most lucrative. Job seekers and aspiring civil servants can use this information to understand the potential earnings at different levels within the Federal Civil Service Commission. For those considering a career with the FCSC, the combination of financial stability, job security, and career growth opportunities makes it a compelling choice. Stay informed and make the right career decisions with a clear understanding of the FCSC salary structure.

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