Salary Structure

Salary Structure of National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) Nigeria

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Nigeria’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection is exemplified through the efforts of the National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA). As a government agency entrusted with enforcing environmental regulations, NESREA plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the nation’s natural resources and fostering sustainable practices.

NESREA’s Environmental Mission

NESREA’s core mission revolves around promoting sustainable development and safeguarding the environment. With a focus on enforcing environmental standards and regulations, the agency actively contributes to the preservation of Nigeria’s ecological balance.

Competitive Salary Structure

At NESREA, the dedication to environmental excellence extends beyond policies to include a commitment to its workforce. The agency boasts a competitive salary structure designed to attract and retain top-tier talent in the field. This structure varies based on an employee’s level of experience and qualifications.

Entry-Level Salaries:

  1. CONSUAS 1: N63,128
  2. CONSUAS 2: N72,936
  3. CONSUAS 3: N83,644
  4. CONSUAS 4: N95,330

Other Levels:

  1. CONASS 5: N108,006
  2. CONASS 6: N122,298
  3. CONASS 7: N138,624
  4. CONASS 8: N161,772
  5. CONASS 9: N188,344
  6. CONASS 10: N223,408
  7. CONASS 11: N266,994
  8. CONASS 12: N319,722
  9. CONASS 13: N385,068
  10. CONASS 14: N475,830
  11. CONASS 15: N597,000

This competitive salary structure underscores NESREA’s recognition of the importance of skilled and experienced professionals in achieving its environmental objectives.

NESREA Careers: A Gateway to Professional Growth

Working with NESREA not only provides the opportunity to contribute to environmental preservation but also offers a platform for professional development. As an employee at NESREA, individuals can expect a challenging and rewarding career, making a meaningful impact on Nigeria’s environmental landscape.

How to Join NESREA

If you are passionate about the environment and aspire to be part of an organization committed to sustainable development, NESREA may be the perfect fit for you. Explore career opportunities with NESREA by visiting their official website or contacting their recruitment department for the latest updates on job openings.


NESREA stands as a beacon of environmental stewardship in Nigeria, actively enforcing regulations and promoting sustainable practices. The agency’s commitment to its workforce through a competitive salary structure reflects its dedication to attracting and retaining top talent in the environmental sector. Join NESREA on the journey towards a greener and more sustainable Nigeria, where your skills and passion for the environment can thrive.

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