Salary Structure

Salary structure of Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC)

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In Nigeria, the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) stands tall as a guardian against corruption, ensuring ethical governance and accountability. But as young professionals contemplate joining this noble crusade, one question looms large: what does the ICPC offer in terms of compensation?

Let’s delve into the intricate details of the ICPC salary structure, starting from entry-level positions and progressing through the ranks.

Entry-Level: Taking the First Step

Fresh graduates venturing into the ICPC as Assistant Officers can anticipate a starting salary ranging from N76,343 to N84,975 per month. While not extravagant, this provides a solid footing for those embarking on their journey to combat corruption.

Ascending the Ranks: Progression in Compensation

As individuals ascend the ranks within the ICPC, their dedication and expertise are duly rewarded with increasing compensation. Here’s a glimpse into the salary progression across various levels:

  • Level 8 (Senior Assistant Officer): N86,569 – N95,262
  • Level 9 (Principal Assistant Officer): N97,497 – N106,904
  • Level 10 (Senior Principal Assistant Officer): N109,068 – N119,774
  • Level 11 (Assistant Inspector): N121,300 – N132,228
  • Level 12 (Senior Inspector): N134,215 – N146,528
  • Level 13 (Principal Inspector): N147,819 – N161,510
  • Level 14 (Chief Inspector): N162,106 – N179,257
  • Level 15 (Assistant Commissioner): N187,126 – N207,512
  • Level 16 (Deputy Commissioner): N213,842 – N237,310
  • Level 17 (Commissioner): N241,409 – N266,781

Additional Perks and Benefits: More Than Just Salary

In addition to the base salary, ICPC personnel enjoy a comprehensive benefits package, including housing allowances, medical insurance, car loans, and other attractive incentives. This holistic approach ensures that employees are well taken care of beyond just their paycheck.


For those considering a career in combating corruption, the ICPC offers not only a chance to contribute to the greater good but also competitive compensation and benefits. From entry-level positions to the highest ranks, individuals are rewarded for their dedication and expertise in upholding ethical governance.


1: Are there opportunities for career growth within the ICPC?

Yes, the ICPC provides a structured career progression path, allowing individuals to climb the ranks based on their performance and experience.

2: Can I apply to the ICPC if I don’t have a background in law or law enforcement?

While a background in law or law enforcement may be advantageous, the ICPC welcomes individuals from diverse fields who are passionate about combating corruption and promoting integrity.

3: Is the ICPC salary competitive compared to other government agencies?

While salaries may vary across different government agencies, the ICPC offers competitive compensation packages, along with a unique opportunity to contribute to the fight against corruption in Nigeria

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