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Nurses Salary in Nigeria (2024): How Much Are They paid?

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Nursing has come a long way in Nigeria. Gone are the days when choosing nursing was looked down upon. Today, it’s seen as a reliable and secure profession. Let’s dive into why nursing has become such a sought-after career in Nigeria.

Why Choose Nursing in Nigeria?

Nursing is now considered one of the most reliable professions in Nigeria. While the salary might not be as high as some other professions, nursing offers immense satisfaction and fulfillment, especially if you’re passionate about helping others.

Nursing Salaries in Nigeria

Salaries for nurses vary based on experience and where they work. In private hospitals, entry-level nurses can earn between N50,000 to N80,000 per month. In government hospitals, this range is higher, between N70,000 to N120,000. Federal hospitals generally pay more than state hospitals. Additionally, nurses receive bonuses and allowances that can significantly boost their income.

Salary Breakdown:

  • Government Hospitals/Teaching Hospitals:

    • Entry level (0 – 2 years’ experience): N70,000 – N90,000
    • Mid-Level (2 – 5 years): N90,000 – N110,000
    • Experienced (5 years and above): N100,000 – N150,000
  • Private Hospitals:

    • Entry level (0 – 2 years’ experience): N50,000 – N80,000
    • Mid-Level (2 – 5 years): N70,000 – N100,000
    • Experienced (5 years and above): N80,000 – N150,000

How to Become a Nurse in Nigeria

Interested in becoming a nurse? Here’s a simple guide:

  1. Get Certified: Start with your SSCE certificate with credits in major science subjects and English. Then, enroll in a nursing school or university for a 3-year nursing program or a 5-year bachelor’s degree.
  2. Internship: After your studies, you’ll undergo a 1-year internship in a hospital to gain practical experience.
  3. National Youth Service Corps (NYSC): This one-year service year is mandatory. You’ll likely be posted to a hospital, giving you another opportunity to work as a nurse.


Nursing in Nigeria has evolved into a respected and rewarding profession. Despite the modest salaries, the job satisfaction and opportunities for growth make it a popular choice among many. If you’re considering a career in nursing, now is a great time to start!


  1. How long does it take to become a nurse in Nigeria?

    • Typically, it takes 3 years in a nursing school or 5 years in a university to become a registered nurse in Nigeria.
  2. What qualifications do I need to become a nurse?

    • You need an SSCE certificate with credits in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology to enroll in a nursing program.
  3. Are there opportunities for career growth in nursing?

    • Yes, as you gain experience and further your education, there are opportunities for specialization, higher positions, and increased salaries in nursing

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