Salary Structure

Salary Structure of the National Boundary Commission

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The National Boundary Commission (NBC) plays a crucial role in Nigeria by managing and maintaining the country’s international boundaries. But that’s not all; the NBC also steps in to settle disputes over boundaries between states and local governments, ensuring peace and clarity.

What is the NBC?

The NBC is a special government agency that focuses on defining and safeguarding Nigeria’s international borders. Think of them as the guardians of Nigeria’s territorial integrity, ensuring that the country’s borders are clear, defined, and respected by neighboring nations.

Salary Structure for NBC Employees

If you’ve ever wondered how much an NBC employee earns, they follow the Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure (CONPSS). This is the standard salary structure for all federal government workers in Nigeria. Here’s a breakdown of the pay scale:

  • Entry Level

    • Grade Level 7: ₦67,500
    • Grade Level 8: ₦70,175
    • Grade Level 9: ₦73,013
  • Other Levels

    • Grade Level 10: ₦76,030
    • Grade Level 11: ₦79,217
    • Grade Level 12: ₦82,572
    • Grade Level 13: ₦86,106
    • Grade Level 14: ₦90,283
    • Grade Level 15: ₦94,674
    • Grade Level 16: ₦99,283
    • Grade Level 17: ₦104,135


The National Boundary Commission (NBC) is vital for maintaining Nigeria’s territorial boundaries and resolving disputes over boundaries within the country. Their work ensures that Nigeria remains a sovereign and united nation. If you’re considering a career with the NBC, now you have an idea of the salary structure to expect under the CONPSS.


  1. What does the NBC do?

    • The NBC manages and maintains Nigeria’s international boundaries and resolves boundary disputes between states and local governments.
  2. What is CONPSS?

    • CONPSS stands for Consolidated Public Service Salary Structure. It’s the standard salary scale for federal government employees in Nigeria, including those working for the NBC.
  3. How much does an NBC entry-level employee earn?

    • An entry-level employee at the NBC starts at Grade Level 7 with a salary of ₦67,500 per month.

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