Npower Batch C latest News Update

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This article is written to address numerous questions that are coming from Npower batch C beneficiaries looking for correct informations about NPower monthly Payment/Stipends.

Questions such as;

  • When will Npower Batch C Payment Commence?
  • When will I receive my NPower Monthly Stipend?
  • What is the Latest News about NPower Batch C Stipends?
  • What is delaying NPower Batch C Monthly Stipends?
  • Has NPower began Payment of batch C beneficiaries salary? Etc.

If you are reading this post, please make sure you carefully go through the articles because we are going to explain the questions above one after the other.

Let’s start by answering the first question and after that we take the next question.

When will I Receive my NPower Monthly Stipend?

You will start receiving your Npower monthly stipends once you are done completing your Npower physical verification and uploading your PPA letter successfully on your Nasims portal.

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What is the Latest News about N-Power Batch C Payment?

The latest news today concerning Npower Batch C beneficiaries stipends is that payment is being processed and all Beneficiaries will start receiving their stipends soon.

If you have completed your Npower verification and uploaded your PPA letter on the Nasims portal, then you are good to go. All you need is to exercise some patience.

The Npower team has assured all batch C beneficiaries that they will receive their payment in due time. Meaning it can be today, tomorrow or anytime.

What is Delaying NPower Batch C Monthly Stipends?

Your Npower Batch C Monthly Stipends can only be delayed if you haven’t completed all the necessary requirements needed.

Earlier before now, the NPower team has explained that payment of stipends to batch C beneficiaries will commence after the physical verification exercise is over.

Note, N-Power Batch C beneficiary who have successfully completed his/her Npower physical verification but failed to upload their Npower PPA letter on NASIMS portal will not be paid.

If you fall under the category of beneficiaries who haven’t uploaded their PPA letter on the Nasims portal, please do so to avoid missing your Npower monthly stipends.

Please note that Payment for applicants that have done the Npower physical verification but failed to report to their PPA to sign and upload their PPA letter will not be a dream come true.

Another factor that can delay your Npower payment is wrong BVN or bank details.

For example, if the date of birth in your Bank Verification Number (BVN) does not tally with the one in your NPower Nasims portal, you won’t be able to receive your N-power monthly stipend.

To avoid missing your Npower monthly salary, please make sure you confirm your BVN, date of Birth and bank details before submitting.

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Volunteers whose details are not correct are advised to contact the Npower support care centre via support.npower@nasims.gov.ng

If you are having issues with your Npower redeployment, please kindly contact redeployment.npower@nasims.gov.ng

Note, Volunteers that are not reporting to their Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) or not taking their Npower work seriously will not be paid at the end of the month.

Remember, the N-power Programme by its description is a work and earn programme whereby the N-power Beneficiaries are paid for doing their assigned duties, and whereby a beneficiary who fail to abide by the stipulated guidelines, may be considered eligible to leave the programme.

The Ministry can not pay for a month the volunteers did not work. In fact, monthly payment for the 450,000 Graduates and 60,000 Non-graduates will cost the Federal Government 14.1 billion each month.

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