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How Much Do Travel Drivers Earn In Nigeria Per Month?

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Traveling in Nigeria is a vibrant experience, and many people rely on travel drivers to get around. Ever wondered how much these drivers earn? Let’s dive into the details.

What’s the Average Salary for Travel Drivers in Nigeria?

On average, travel drivers in Nigeria earn around ₦150,000 per month. But this figure isn’t set in stone. Various factors play a role in determining a driver’s monthly earnings.

Factors Influencing a Travel Driver’s Salary

  1. Experience: Just like in many professions, experience matters. Drivers with more years under their belt usually earn more than beginners.
  2. Type of Vehicle: Ever heard that bigger is better? Well, in this case, drivers of luxury or larger vehicles tend to earn more than those driving smaller cars.
  3. Company Size: Working for a big company can also boost your earnings. These companies usually offer better pay packages compared to smaller outfits.
  4. Location: If you’re driving in a bustling city like Lagos or Abuja, you’re likely to earn more than someone driving in a smaller town.
  5. Overtime: Extra hours can mean extra cash. Drivers who put in overtime usually see a bump in their monthly earnings.

Tips to Boost Your Earnings as a Travel Driver

  1. Gain Experience: The more you drive, the better you get, and the more you can earn.
  2. Get Certified: A certification can make you more credible and can lead to better-paying opportunities.
  3. Upgrade Your Vehicle: If you can, consider driving a luxury or larger vehicle to attract higher-paying jobs.
  4. Join a Big Company: They often provide better pay and benefits.
  5. Opt for Urban Driving: Cities offer more opportunities and better pay than smaller towns.


Being a travel driver in Nigeria offers decent earning opportunities. By focusing on gaining experience, choosing the right vehicle, and possibly working in a big city or for a large company, you can increase your monthly income significantly.


1. How much can an experienced travel driver earn in Nigeria?

An experienced travel driver with a good track record can earn more than the average ₦150,000 per month, sometimes even double or more, depending on the factors mentioned.

2. Is it necessary to drive a luxury vehicle to earn more?

While driving a luxury vehicle can boost your earnings, it’s not a necessity. Many drivers earn well driving standard or larger vehicles. It’s more about the demand for your services and your driving skills.

3. Are there part-time opportunities for travel drivers in Nigeria?

Yes, there are part-time opportunities available for travel drivers. These can be a good way to earn extra income without committing to a full-time job. However, earnings might vary based on the hours worked

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