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List of Courses Offered in Federal University Dutse (FUD) | NUC Approved

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In the vibrant landscape of Nigerian higher education, the Federal University, Dutse (FUD) stands out as a beacon of academic excellence. Endowed with accreditation from the National Universities Commission (NUC), FUD offers a diverse array of courses designed to meet the needs of ambitious students aspiring to excel in their chosen professions.

Navigating FUD’s Academic Terrain:

At FUD, students have the opportunity to explore a variety of accredited courses across different faculties, each tailored to provide a robust foundation for their future careers. Let’s delve into the offerings of the various faculties:

  1. Faculty of Agriculture:

    • Fisheries and Aquaculture
    • Forestry and Wildlife Management
  2. Faculty of Arts and Social Science:

    • Economics
    • English
    • Criminology and Security Studies
  3. Faculty of Science:

    • Biotechnology
    • Chemistry
    • Computer Science
    • Environmental Management & Toxicology
    • Mathematics
    • Microbiology
    • Physics
  4. Faculty of Clinical Sciences:

    • Dental Surgery
    • Environmental Health Science
    • Human Anatomy
    • Human Physiology
    • Medicine and Surgery

FUD’s Commitment to Quality Education:

It’s crucial to highlight FUD’s unwavering commitment to providing quality education aligned with international standards. The university boasts a cadre of experienced and qualified lecturers dedicated to imparting knowledge to students, ensuring a dynamic learning environment.

Why Choose FUD:

For students seeking higher education in Nigeria, FUD emerges as a top choice. The NUC-approved courses offer a wide range of options catering to diverse interests and career aspirations. FUD’s reputation for excellence in education positions it as a preferred institution for those eager to pursue academic and professional growth.


Federal University Dutse (FUD) stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of academic variety and quality. With NUC’s stamp of approval and a commitment to global educational standards, FUD continues to be a frontrunner in providing students with a solid foundation for success. Aspiring scholars can confidently explore the myriad opportunities awaiting them within the welcoming walls of FUD.

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