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IU International University of Applied Sciences Germany – Scholarships for International Students 2023

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IU International University of Applied Sciences Germany Scholarships for International Students 2022

Hello future student,

You deserve the chance to fulfill your potential. One of the best ways to do this is through a degree. IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany’s largest university, supports you to build your future career with online scholarships of up to 80% on a wide range of top-quality, accredited degrees.

IU’s scholarships don’t need to be paid back! This gives everyone the chance to take control of their future, with 50 million Euros in scholarships awarded so far.

Do you already have a job? Or family commitments? All of IU’s courses can be studied online, meaning that not only do you have the flexibility to fit your studies around your other commitments, but you can also start studying at any time! IU understands that everyone’s circumstances are different, therefore they support you however they can, from the simple application stage to graduation and beyond!

Want to work and study in Germany?

IU’s flexible on-campus study option offers you the opportunity to live in Berlin or Bad Honnef while getting your accredited degree. The mix of in-person and online classes means you can build a network, socialize, and benefit from real-time, practical teaching. Talk to your personal study advisor to find out more about on campus studies IU.


Some of the Available Studies to suit you

B.Sc. Computer Science

The quicker businesses and society develop, the more diverse computer science becomes. IU’s bachelor’s in computer science is designed to equip you with the dynamic skillset required to successfully enter this area, where you will be at the forefront of such as innovative fields such as artificial intelligence, big data, digital development, and more.


B.Sc. Applied Artificial Intelligence

IU’s B.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence will give students the skills to combine older computing techniques and the psychology of human learning processes with new innovations in artificial intelligence in order to apply computing in challenging applications. Knowledge of UI/UX, machine learning, robotics, software and app development, speech and image processing will make you a perfect candidate to join international leaders in Artificial Intelligence technology.

M.Sc. Data Science

The Master Data Science at IU deepens your knowledge of all areas of Data Science with contents like Machine Learning and Big Data Technologies. As an expert in Data Science, you will open the door to exciting, challenging, and diverse career opportunities.


IU’s highly rated MBA prepares you for the global job market with a hands-on approach and international orientation. You’ll gain a solid foundation for business administration and management and start to build a network of business contacts that could fuel your success later in your professional journey. Specialize in one of five areas to focus on your ideal career.

And many more.



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