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CBN Salary Structure: How Much CBN Staffs Earn

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The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is like the heartbeat of the country’s financial system. Established back in 1959 by the CBN Act of 1958, it has been a key player in shaping Nigeria’s economy for decades. At its helm today is Godwin Emefiele, with its headquarters located in Lagos Island.

What Does the CBN Do?

The CBN wears many hats, but its primary role is to oversee and regulate banks and financial institutions across Nigeria. Beyond that, the CBN:

  • Promotes a healthy financial system.
  • Advises the government on economic matters.
  • Acts as the banker for the federal government and other banks.
  • Prints the legal tender (Naira banknotes).
  • Manages both internal and external debts.

Who Has Led the CBN?

Over the years, the CBN has seen various leaders. Some notable past Governors include Roy Pentelow Fenton, Adamu Ciroma, and Sanusi Aminu Sanusi Lamido, among others. Currently, Godwin Emefiele is at the helm.

What About CBN Salaries?

Working at the CBN comes with its own salary structure, and it’s not the same for everyone. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Graduate Trainees: Fresh out of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) and undergoing special training, they earn around N50,000 monthly.
  • Entry-level Staff: After completing their training, entry-level staff receive at least N122,000 monthly.
  • Loan Officers: Responsible for loan applications, their salary is about N573,000.
  • Data Analysts: With an increase in responsibility comes an increase in pay. Data analysts earn around N647,000.
  • Bank Managers: The top of the ladder, bank managers take home about N732,000 monthly.


The CBN plays a vital role in Nigeria’s financial landscape, ensuring stability and growth. While it offers a structured work environment with competitive salaries, the decision to work there depends on one’s career goals and aspirations.


1. What is the primary role of the CBN?

The CBN oversees and regulates banks and financial institutions, promotes a healthy financial system, advises the government, and manages the country’s currency.

2. Who is the current Governor of the CBN?

Godwin Emefiele is the current Governor of the CBN, overseeing its operations and policies.

3. How much does a Bank Manager at CBN earn?

A Bank Manager at the CBN earns around N732,000 monthly, making it one of the highest-paying positions within the organization.

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