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FCT Civil Service Salary Structure: How Much Staffs Earn

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The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Civil Service plays a crucial role in Nigeria’s governance, serving the residents of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA). But have you ever wondered how their salaries are structured? Let’s dive into the basics of the FCT civil service salary system in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

Salary Basics in FCT Civil Service

Grade Levels and Basic Salary

The salary in the FCT civil service is organized into 17 grade levels. Each grade level corresponds to a specific basic salary amount. Here’s a quick look at the basic salary for each grade level:

  • Grade 1: ₦70,000
  • Grade 2: ₦72,500
  • Grade 3: ₦75,000
  • Grade 4: ₦77,500
  • Grade 5: ₦80,000
  • Grade 6: ₦82,500
  • Grade 7: ₦85,000
  • Grade 8: ₦87,500
  • Grade 9: ₦90,000
  • Grade 10: ₦92,500
  • Grade 11: ₦95,000
  • Grade 12: ₦97,500
  • Grade 13: ₦100,000
  • Grade 14: ₦102,500
  • Grade 15: ₦105,000
  • Grade 16: ₦107,500
  • Grade 17: ₦110,000

Additional Allowances

On top of the basic salary, civil servants in the FCT also receive various allowances to help cover living and other expenses. Some of these allowances include:

  • Housing Allowance: Helps with housing expenses.
  • Transport Allowance: Assists with transportation costs.
  • Medical Allowance: Covers medical expenses.
  • Food Allowance: A benefit to help with food costs.
  • Uniform Allowance: For the procurement and maintenance of work uniforms.
  • Leave Allowance: Compensation during official leave periods.
  • Training Allowance: For educational and training programs.


Understanding the salary structure of the FCT civil service can provide insights into the compensation system for government employees in Nigeria. While the basic salary is determined by grade level, the allowances play a vital role in enhancing the overall compensation package. It’s essential to recognize the efforts of civil servants who contribute to the smooth functioning of the FCT Administration.


1. How is the basic salary determined in the FCT civil service?

The basic salary in the FCT civil service is determined by the grade level of the employee. Each grade level has an associated basic salary amount, as outlined in the FCTA’s civil service rules.

2. What are the benefits of the allowances provided to civil servants?

The allowances, such as housing, transport, and medical allowances, are designed to offset the cost of living and other expenses, ensuring a better quality of life for civil servants.

3. Are there opportunities for salary increases or promotions in the FCT civil service?

Yes, civil servants in the FCT have opportunities for salary increases through promotions and advancements to higher grade levels based on experience, qualifications, and performance evaluations.

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