Salary Structure

BPP Salary Structure

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The Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) is an essential government body in Nigeria responsible for overseeing public spending to ensure transparency, accountability, and efficiency. If you’re considering a career with the BPP or just curious about its salary structure, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive into the salary breakdown for various levels within the BPP.

BPP Salary Structure Breakdown

Level 08:
Salary Range: ₦378,198 – ₦452,131
Starting at Level 08, employees can expect a monthly salary between ₦378,198 and ₦452,131.

Level 09:
Salary Range: ₦413,740 – ₦491,859
Moving up to Level 09, the salary increases to a range of ₦413,740 to ₦491,859.

Level 10:
Salary Range: ₦449,283 – ₦531,588
At Level 10, the salary further increases to between ₦449,283 and ₦531,588.

Level 11:
Salary Range: ₦484,826 – ₦571,317
Employees at Level 11 can expect a salary within the range of ₦484,826 and ₦571,317.

Level 12:
Salary Range: ₦520,369 – ₦611,046
Level 12 offers a salary range from ₦520,369 to ₦611,046.

Level 13:
Salary Range: ₦555,912 – ₦650,775
Level 13 employees receive a salary between ₦555,912 and ₦650,775.

Level 14:
Salary Range: ₦591,455 – ₦690,504
For Level 14, the salary is between ₦591,455 and ₦690,504.

Level 15:
Salary Range: ₦626,998 – ₦730,233
Level 15 offers a salary range from ₦626,998 to ₦730,233.

Level 16:
Salary Range: ₦662,541 – ₦769,962
At Level 16, the salary ranges from ₦662,541 to ₦769,962.

Level 17:
Salary Range: ₦698,084 – ₦809,691
Lastly, Level 17 employees can expect a salary between ₦698,084 and ₦809,691.

Directorate Cadre:

Consolidated Salary: ₦1,845,000
Employees in the Directorate Cadre enjoy a consolidated salary of ₦1,845,000.

Additional Benefits

Apart from the base salary, BPP employees also enjoy various benefits:

  • Housing Allowance: Helps employees cover housing expenses.
  • Transportation Allowance: Assists with commuting costs.
  • Medical Allowance: Covers medical expenses.
  • Pension Contributions: Secures the future with retirement savings.
  • Leave Allowance: Provides compensation during annual leave.


The Bureau of Public Procurement offers competitive salaries and benefits to its employees, reflecting its commitment to attracting and retaining top talent. Whether you’re looking to join the BPP or simply interested in its operations, understanding its salary structure is crucial. With clear salary levels and additional benefits, BPP ensures that its employees are well-compensated for their contributions.


1. What is the starting salary at the BPP?

The starting salary at the BPP begins at Level 08 with a range of ₦378,198 to ₦452,131 per month.

2. Are there additional benefits for BPP employees?

Yes, apart from the base salary, BPP employees are entitled to benefits like housing allowance, transportation allowance, medical allowance, pension contributions, and leave allowance.

3. What is the consolidated salary for employees in the Directorate Cadre?

Employees in the Directorate Cadre enjoy a consolidated salary of ₦1,845,000.

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