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Dana Air Salary Structure In Nigeria 2024: How Much Staff Earn

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Dana Air, a prominent Nigerian airline established in 2008, has become one of Nigeria’s leading carriers, flying both domestically and to neighboring countries. But have you ever wondered about the paychecks of those who work behind the scenes to make your flight smooth and safe? Let’s dive into the Dana Air salary structure in Nigeria and what influences it.

Who Earns the Most at Dana Air?


Flying an aircraft is a demanding job that requires extensive training and skill. Unsurprisingly, pilots top the salary charts at Dana Air. A rookie pilot starts with an impressive N2.5 million annually. As they gain experience and fly more hours, this can go up to a whopping N4 million per year.

Cabin Crew:

Next in line are the cabin crew members who ensure passengers’ safety and comfort during flights. A newcomer to the cabin crew can expect a starting salary of around N1 million per year. With time and experience, this can increase to N2 million annually.

Other Staff:

While pilots and cabin crew grab the limelight, there are many other roles crucial to Dana Air’s operations.

  • Flight Attendants: They start with an annual salary of N800,000, which can rise to N1.5 million as they gain experience.

What Influences Dana Air Salaries?

Several factors determine how much one earns at Dana Air:

  • Job Role: The position you hold directly impacts your salary.
  • Experience: More years in the industry generally mean a higher paycheck.
  • Location: Where you work can affect your salary due to cost-of-living differences.
  • Demand for Air Travel: High demand for flights can lead to better pay and benefits.


Dana Air offers competitive salaries across various roles, rewarding experience and expertise. Whether you’re a pilot soaring through the skies or a flight attendant ensuring passenger comfort, there’s potential for growth and decent compensation.


1. How often do Dana Air employees get paid?

Dana Air typically pays its employees monthly, usually at the end of each month.

2. Are there opportunities for career growth at Dana Air?

Yes, Dana Air encourages career growth and offers training programs for employees to advance in their careers.

3. Do Dana Air employees receive any additional benefits?

Apart from salaries, Dana Air employees often receive benefits such as health insurance, travel perks, and retirement plans.

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