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ABU Campuses, Hostels and Accommodation

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Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), located in Zaria, Nigeria, stands as a beacon of higher education in Africa. Renowned for its quality education and vibrant campus life, ABU offers students not only cutting-edge academic facilities but also a range of accommodation options to enhance their overall university experience. In this detailed guide, we will delve into the various ABU campuses, explore the hostels provided, and discuss accommodation facilities available to students.

Section 1:

ABU Main Campus The flagship campus of ABU, situated in Zaria, is a hub of academic excellence. The main campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped classrooms, libraries, research centers, and recreational areas. ABU provides comfortable and convenient hostels on the main campus, equipped with amenities such as internet access, laundry services, common areas, and 24/7 security. Living on the main campus offers proximity to academic buildings, easy access to resources, and a vibrant social environment.

Section 2:

ABU Samaru Campus Samaru campus, home to the Faculty of Agriculture and other departments, is another key part of ABU. The campus provides hostel facilities with comfortable rooms, study areas, recreational spaces, and essential amenities. Staying on Samaru campus ensures easy access to academic facilities and a close-knit community of peers with similar academic interests.

Section 3:

ABU Kongo Campus Kongo campus, housing the Faculty of Administration and other departments, is a significant part of ABU. The campus offers accommodation options with comfortable rooms, study areas, recreational facilities, and necessary amenities. Staying on Kongo campus allows students to be in close proximity to their academic departments, fostering a conducive environment for learning and collaboration.

Section 4:

ABU Shika Campus Shika campus, home to the Faculty of Science and other science-related departments, is another vital part of ABU. The campus provides hostel facilities with well-maintained rooms, study spaces, recreational areas, and essential amenities. Choosing to stay on Shika campus offers students the advantage of proximity to academic departments and engagement in scientific research and activities.

Section 5:

Accommodation Facilities and Services ABU hostels offer a variety of accommodation options, including single rooms, shared rooms, and apartments. Amenities such as Wi-Fi access, laundry services, common areas, and round-the-clock security contribute to the convenience and safety of residents. The university prioritizes student well-being, providing support services such as counseling, healthcare facilities, and emergency assistance.

Section 6:

Off-Campus Accommodation While ABU hostels are excellent options, some students may prefer off-campus alternatives. Zaria, being a university town, offers private accommodations near ABU campuses. Students can explore apartments, private hostels, or shared houses, considering factors like cost, location, transportation, safety, and personal preferences.

Section 7:

Tips for Finding Suitable Accommodation Finding suitable accommodation requires careful planning. Tips include researching and visiting potential accommodations, considering budget, location, and preferences, utilizing online platforms for information, seeking recommendations, and planning ahead to secure the best options.

Section 8:

Student Housing Associations and Activities ABU encourages student participation in housing associations within hostels. These associations create a sense of community, organize events, and provide support to residents. Engaging in various activities, students can participate in sports tournaments, cultural festivals, and community service projects.


Ahmadu Bello University offers a holistic university experience, combining top-notch academics with comfortable accommodation options. Whether choosing on-campus hostels or exploring off-campus alternatives, students at ABU can find a suitable home that enhances their academic journey and fosters a sense of community.

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