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Teachers Salaries in Nigeria: How Much Teachers Earn in Nigeria

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Teaching is undeniably one of the most crucial professions, shaping the future of nations. In Nigeria, teachers play an indispensable role in molding the minds of the next generation. But have you ever wondered how much they earn? Let’s delve into the details of teacher salaries in Nigeria, breaking it down in a simple, layman-friendly manner.

Federal Government Teachers Salaries

Firstly, let’s talk about teachers employed by the Federal government. These teachers are generally paid more than their counterparts in state governments.

Salary Range:

On average, federal government teachers in Nigeria earn between N40,000 to N66,000 per month, depending on their level of experience and qualifications.

State Government Teachers Salaries

State government teacher salaries vary significantly across Nigeria. The amount each state pays is largely influenced by its financial capabilities.

Some Examples:

  • Lagos State: Known for being the highest-paying state, Lagos pays its teachers well.
  • Enugu State: Teachers here earn around N40,000 per month.
  • Abia, Imo, Owerri: Teachers in these states receive approximately N35,000 or more.
  • Rivers State: Pays its teaching staff N45,000 monthly.
  • Southwestern States (Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Osun): Salaries range from N30,000 to N40,000.
  • Northern States (Kogi, Kaduna, Kano, Abuja, etc.): Average salaries fall between N40,000 to N45,000.

Private Teachers Salaries

Private school teachers’ salaries in Nigeria are quite diverse. The amount you earn largely depends on the school’s standards and location.

Salary Range:

While some private schools pay as low as N10,000, others offer salaries between N50,000 to a whopping N250,000 per month!

Note: Secondary school teachers generally earn more than primary school teachers, whether in private or government schools.


It’s evident that teaching salaries in Nigeria vary significantly based on the employing body—federal or state government—or whether it’s a private institution. While some states and private schools offer competitive salaries, many teachers still face challenges due to relati vely low pay compared to other professions.

Good news awaits though! The Federal government has hinted at increasing teachers’ salaries in Nigeria, with a new salary structure expected to roll out from January.


1. Why do federal government teachers earn more than state government teachers?

Federal government teachers generally earn more due to a standardized pay scale set by the federal government, whereas state government salaries depend on the state’s financial situation.

2. Are private school teachers’ salaries higher than those in government schools?

It varies. While some private schools offer competitive salaries, many pay lower than government schools. However, secondary school teachers in both private and government sectors usually earn more than primary school teachers.

3. When will the new salary structure for teachers in Nigeria be implemented?

The Federal government has announced plans to introduce a new salary structure for teachers from January. Stay tuned for updates!

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