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Taxify Drivers Earnings 2024: How Much Taxify Drivers Make Weekly In Nigeria

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Taxify, a popular ride-hailing platform in Nigeria, offers a great opportunity for drivers to earn money by connecting with riders. But just how much can a Taxify driver make, and what factors influence their earnings? Let’s break it down.

How Do Taxify Drivers Earn Money?

Taxify drivers make money by charging riders a fare for each trip they take. This fare is calculated based on a few factors:

  • Distance: The longer the trip, the higher the fare.
  • Time of Day: Peak hours, like rush hour, usually mean higher fares.
  • Demand: Areas with high demand for rides tend to have higher fares.

Additionally, Taxify drivers get a commission from each ride, which adds to their earnings. They can also receive tips from riders, though these are not guaranteed.

Factors Affecting Taxify Drivers’ Earnings

Several factors can influence how much a Taxify driver earns:

  1. Location: Drivers in busy cities generally earn more than those in rural areas.
  2. Time of Day: Peak hours can boost earnings significantly.
  3. Demand: High demand areas mean more rides and higher fares.
  4. Experience: Experienced drivers often earn more due to their expertise.
  5. Vehicle: Drivers with newer and more luxurious cars may charge higher fares.

Average Weekly Earnings

On average, a Taxify driver in Nigeria earns around N60,000 per week. This can vary based on the factors mentioned above. Some drivers earn more, while others might earn less.

Tips to Maximize Earnings

Want to boost your earnings as a Taxify driver? Here’s how:

  • Choose Busy Areas: Working in high-traffic areas can lead to more rides.
  • Peak Hours: Driving during rush hours can mean higher fares.
  • Upgrade Your Vehicle: A newer or luxurious car can attract more riders.
  • Excellent Service: Providing great customer service can lead to more tips and repeat customers.
  • Accept Long Trips: Longer trips usually mean higher fares.
  • Surge Pricing: Driving during surge pricing times can significantly increase earnings.


Being a Taxify driver in Nigeria offers a good income opportunity, but earnings can vary based on several factors. By choosing the right locations, times, and providing excellent service, drivers can maximize their earnings and build a successful career.


1. How much can a Taxify driver earn in a month?

On average, a Taxify driver in Nigeria can earn around N240,000 to N300,000 per month. However, this can vary based on the factors mentioned earlier.

2. Do Taxify drivers get paid daily?

Taxify drivers are usually paid weekly, based on the fares collected and the company’s commission.

3. Can Taxify drivers earn from tips?

Yes, Taxify drivers can receive tips from riders, though they are not guaranteed. Providing excellent service can increase the likelihood of receiving tips.

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