Salary Structure

Salary Structure of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC)

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Navigating the salary landscape can be a challenge, especially when it comes to specialized organizations like the Nigerian Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC). If you’ve ever been curious about what employees at NCPC earn, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ll break down the salary ranges for various positions within the NCPC, making it easier to understand.

Salary Breakdown at NCPC

Executive Secretary

  • What they do: The Executive Secretary is the head of the Commission, steering its direction and overseeing its operations.
  • Salary Range: N3,024,300 – N3,434,402 per year.


  • What they do: Directors are responsible for leading critical departments, ensuring smooth operations and strategic planning.
  • Salary Range: N2,533,312 – N2,781,360 annually.

Deputy Directors

  • What they do: These key players in the Commission’s structure support the Directors and manage essential functions.
  • Salary Range: N2,334,480 – N2,564,576 per year.

Assistant Directors

  • What they do: Assistant Directors assist in managing various departments, contributing to day-to-day operations.
  • Salary Range: N2,156,552 – N2,382,720 annually.

Chief Accountants

  • What they do: They oversee the financial aspects of the NCPC, ensuring financial stability and compliance.
  • Salary Range: N2,060,624 – N2,283,040 per year.

Senior Accountants & Senior Personnel Officers

  • What they do: These professionals hold senior positions, guiding their departments and contributing to organizational success.
  • Salary Range: N1,939,920 – N2,163,168 annually.

Accountants & Personnel Officers

  • What they do: They handle essential accounting and personnel tasks, supporting the Commission’s daily operations.
  • Salary Range: N1,761,552 – N1,996,936 per year.

Executive Officers

  • What they do: Executive Officers support various operational tasks, ensuring efficiency across the Commission.
  • Salary Range: N1,627,312 – N1,862,528 annually.

Clerical Officers

  • What they do: Clerical Officers provide administrative support, helping to keep the Commission organized.
  • Salary Range: N1,503,220 – N1,744,080 per year.


Understanding salary structures can provide insights into the roles and responsibilities within an organization like the NCPC. From the Executive Secretary to Clerical Officers, each position plays a crucial role in the Commission’s success. While salaries vary based on position and responsibility, they reflect the value each role brings to the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How often are salaries reviewed at NCPC?

  • Salaries at NCPC are typically reviewed periodically to ensure competitiveness and fairness.

2. Are there additional benefits for NCPC employees?

  • Yes, NCPC employees often receive benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and leave allowances in addition to their salaries.

3. How can one apply for a position at NCPC?

  • Interested individuals can visit the NCPC website or check job portals for current job openings and application details.

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