Salary Structure

Salary Structure of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NaHCON)

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The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NaHCON) plays a crucial role in organizing and overseeing the Hajj pilgrimage for Nigerian Muslims. But have you ever wondered about the salaries of those working behind the scenes to make this spiritual journey possible? Let’s break down the salary ranges for different positions at NaHCON.

Entry-Level Positions

1. Assistant Officer

  • Salary Range: N631,309 – N716,143
  • This role involves assisting in various tasks related to the Hajj pilgrimage, including administrative duties and supporting higher-level staff.

2. Assistant Executive Officer

  • Salary Range: N766,154 – N866,812
  • As an Assistant Executive Officer, you’ll have more responsibilities, possibly including project management and coordination of services for pilgrims.

3. Road Inspector I

  • Salary Range: N539,907 – N616,396
  • This role focuses on ensuring the safety and quality of transportation routes for pilgrims traveling to and from Hajj sites.

Mid-Level Positions

1. Executive Officer I

  • Salary Range: N957,490 – N1,080,416
  • Executive Officer I is a step up from the entry-level positions, with responsibilities likely encompassing management and oversight of various projects.

2. Executive Officer II

  • Salary Range: N1,123,191 – N1,271,483
  • As an Executive Officer II, you’ll have advanced responsibilities, possibly including strategic planning and decision-making.

3. Road Inspector II

  • Salary Range: N719,876 – N821,862
  • Similar to Road Inspector I but with increased responsibilities, ensuring that transportation routes are up to standard and safe for pilgrims.

Senior-Level Positions

1. Principal Executive Officer

  • Salary Range: N1,363,974 – N1,542,572
  • This role involves high-level management and strategic planning, overseeing multiple departments within NaHCON.

2. Deputy Director

  • Salary Range: N1,654,812 – N1,879,784
  • As Deputy Director, you’ll be responsible for assisting the Director in managing the commission’s operations and strategic direction.

3. Director

  • Salary Range: N2,091,736 – N2,359,920
  • The Director is the top executive at NaHCON, responsible for overall leadership, decision-making, and representing the commission at national and international levels.


Working at NaHCON offers a range of opportunities at different levels, from entry-level positions assisting with administrative tasks to senior-level roles overseeing strategic planning and management. The salaries reflect the responsibilities and expertise required for each position, providing competitive compensation for dedicated professionals.


1. What benefits do employees at NaHCON receive besides their salaries?

  • Employees may receive benefits such as healthcare, pension contributions, and opportunities for professional development.

2. Are there opportunities for career growth at NaHCON?

  • Yes, NaHCON offers opportunities for career advancement through training programs, promotions, and the possibility of transitioning to higher-level positions.

3. How can I apply for a job at NaHCON?

  • You can visit the official NaHCON website or check job portals for current job openings and application details. Make sure to meet the qualifications and requirements specified for each position.

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