Salary Structure

Salary Structure for Construction Jobs in Nigeria

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The construction industry stands as a cornerstone of economic growth in Nigeria, offering employment to millions and playing a pivotal role in developing and maintaining vital infrastructure such as roads, bridges, buildings, and power plants. In this blog post, we’ll explore the diverse world of construction jobs in Nigeria, shedding light on average salaries and key factors that influence earnings.

Understanding the Construction Job Landscape

The construction industry in Nigeria boasts a rich tapestry of roles, each contributing uniquely to the nation’s progress. Let’s delve into the salary ranges for 40 prominent construction jobs, providing insights that job seekers and employers alike will find valuable.

1. Construction Worker: NGN 73,414 – NGN 255,686

Construction workers form the backbone of any project, with salaries varying based on experience and the nature of the assignment.

2. Bricklayer: NGN 73,473 – NGN 242,007

Skilled artisans like bricklayers command competitive salaries, reflecting the importance of their craft in construction projects.

3. Electrician: NGN 75,379 – NGN 246,458

Electrical expertise is highly sought after, offering electricians a salary range that recognizes their crucial role in building infrastructure.

4. Carpenter: NGN 77,435 – NGN 252,410

Precision and skill define carpentry roles, with salaries aligning with the craftsmanship required.

5. Plumber: NGN 79,491 – NGN 258,463

Plumbers, essential for water systems, enjoy competitive salaries in recognition of their indispensable contribution to construction projects.

6. Painter: NGN 81,547 – NGN 264,516

Aesthetic appeal is paramount in construction, elevating the significance of painters who are compensated accordingly.

7. Welder: NGN 83,603 – NGN 270,570

Welders, crucial for structural integrity, command salaries reflecting their specialized skills in joining metal components.

8. Mason: NGN 85,659 – NGN 276,623

Masons, skilled in bricklaying and beyond, are rewarded with salaries that acknowledge their multifaceted contributions.

Beyond Craftsmanship: Professional Roles in Construction

The construction industry extends beyond manual labor, encompassing a spectrum of professional roles critical for project success. Let’s explore the salary ranges for key professional positions.

9. Site Engineer: NGN 158,029 – NGN 475,872

Site engineers, overseeing on-site activities, receive competitive compensation for their crucial role in project execution.

10. Project Manager: NGN 448k – NGN 4m

Project managers, orchestrating the entire construction process, command salaries reflecting their responsibility for successful project completion.

11. Quantity Surveyor: NGN 578k – NGN 4m

Quantity surveyors, balancing costs and quality, earn salaries reflecting their strategic role in project financial management.

12. Civil Engineer: NGN 502k – NGN 2m

Civil engineers, essential for structural integrity, enjoy competitive salaries that acknowledge their expertise.

13. Design Architect: NGN 775k – NGN 3m

Design architects, shaping the aesthetic aspects of construction, receive salaries commensurate with their creative responsibilities.

14. Health and Safety Officer: NGN 187,000 – NGN 561,000

Safety officers, ensuring a secure work environment, earn salaries reflecting the paramount importance of safety in construction.

15. Environmental Officer: NGN 195,000 – NGN 585,000

Environmental officers, contributing to sustainable practices, receive salaries in recognition of their role in responsible construction.

16. Quality Assurance Officer: NGN 203,000 – NGN 609,000

Quality assurance officers, upholding construction standards, are compensated for their role in ensuring project excellence.

17. Project Planner: NGN 211,000 – NGN 633,000

Project planners, orchestrating timelines and schedules, receive competitive salaries for their integral role in project management.

18. Cost Estimator: NGN 219,000 – NGN 657,000

Cost estimators, crucial for budgeting, earn salaries reflecting their contribution to financial planning in construction.

19. Procurement Manager: NGN 227,000 – NGN 681,000

Procurement managers, managing the acquisition of materials, receive salaries reflecting their strategic role in project logistics.

20. Contracts Manager: NGN 235,000 – NGN 705,000

Contracts managers, overseeing project contracts, earn salaries commensurate with their responsibility for legal and financial aspects.


The construction industry in Nigeria not only drives economic growth but also provides a diverse array of opportunities for individuals with varying skill sets and expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned construction worker or a professional in project management, understanding the salary landscape is crucial for making informed career decisions.

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