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List of Courses Offered in Niger Delta University (NDU) | NUC Approved

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In the vibrant educational tapestry of Nigerian universities, the Niger Delta University (NDU) stands as a beacon of academic excellence. Accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), NDU offers a spectrum of courses designed to meet the diverse needs of students aiming to excel in their chosen professions.

Diverse Faculties, Abundant Opportunities:

NDU’s commitment to providing quality education is evident through its various faculties, each offering a range of NUC-approved courses. Let’s delve into the rich academic offerings across these faculties:

  1. Faculty of Agriculture:

    • Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
    • Crop Production
    • Fisheries
    • Livestock Production
  2. Faculty of Arts:

    • English and Literary Studies
    • Fine and Applied Arts
    • History/Diplomacy
    • Philosophy
    • Religious Studies
    • Theatre Arts
  3. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences:

    • Anatomical Pathology
    • Biochemistry
    • Chemical Pathology
    • Hematology and Immunology
    • Human Anatomy
    • Medical Microbiology and Parasitology
    • Medical Laboratory Science
    • Physiology
    • Pharmacology
  4. Faculty of Clinical Sciences:

    • Community Health Medicine
    • Internal Medicine
    • Obstetrics & Gynecology
    • Pediatrics
    • Psychiatry
    • Surgery
  5. Faculty of Education:

    • Curriculum and Instruction (with options in Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English Language, Fine and Applied Arts, French, Geography, Health Education, History, Mathematics, Physics, Physical Education, Political Science, Religious Studies)
    • Vocational/Industrial Education (with options in Agricultural Education, Business Education, Secretarial Education, Technical Education)
  6. Faculty of Engineering:

    • Agricultural Engineering
    • Chemical/Petroleum/Petrochemical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Electrical/Electronic Engineering
    • Marine Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
  7. Faculty of Law:

    • Jurisprudence Law/Public Law
    • Private/Property Law
  8. Faculty of Management Science:

    • Accountancy
    • Banking, Finance, and Insurance
    • Business Administration
    • Marketing
    • Management Technology
  9. Faculty of Pharmacy:

    • Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice
    • Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry
    • Pharmacognosy & Herbal Medicine
    • Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology
    • Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Biotechnology
    • Pharmacology & Toxicology
  10. Faculty of Nursing Science:

    • Community Health Nursing
    • Maternal and Child Health Nursing
    • Medical-Surgical Nursing
    • Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
  11. Faculty of Science:

    • Biochemistry
    • Biological Science
    • Computer Science
    • Geology
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Pure and Applied Chemistry
  12. Faculty of Social Sciences:

    • Economics
    • Geography and Environmental Management
    • Political Science
    • Sociology


As prospective students navigate the educational landscape, Niger Delta University stands ready to offer a world-class learning experience. With NUC-approved courses spanning various faculties, NDU aligns itself with international standards, ensuring that students receive a robust education that prepares them for success in their chosen fields.

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