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In the ongoing battle against corruption in Nigeria, the Independent Corrupt Practices And Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) stands as a key player with a dedicated mandate to combat corrupt practices and related offenses. If you aspire to be part of this noble cause and contribute to fostering transparency and integrity, here is a comprehensive guide to the ICPC recruitment process for the year 2023/2024.

ICPC’s Core Mandate and Duties:

The ICPC’s core mandate revolves around combating corruption and related offenses. Their duties encompass various activities aimed at promoting transparency and integrity within different sectors of society. Key responsibilities include:

  1. Enlisting and Mobilizing Public Support: The ICPC actively engages the public in the fight against corruption, seeking support and collaboration.
  2. Public Education: Educating the public about corruption, bribery, and related offenses is a crucial aspect of ICPC’s mission to raise awareness.
  3. Advice and Assistance: Providing advice and assistance to other agencies is a key strategy to minimize corruption and fraud across different sectors.
  4. Examination and Oversight: The ICPC scrutinizes the practices of public bodies, recommending changes where corruption is facilitated, ensuring accountability.
  5. Investigation and Prosecution: The commission investigates and prosecutes individuals involved in corrupt practices based on public complaints, ensuring justice is served.
  6. Collaboration with Experts: Collaboration with various experts, including forensic specialists, ensures thorough investigations and the use of advanced tools in combating corruption.

Qualifications and Requirements:

To be considered for a role in the ICPC, aspiring candidates must meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Nigerian Citizenship: Applicants must be Nigerian citizens, emphasizing a commitment to addressing corruption within the country.
  2. Clean Criminal Record: A clean criminal record is a fundamental requirement, ensuring the integrity of candidates.
  3. Educational Qualifications: Candidates must possess a B.Sc, HND, NCE, or OND certificate from a recognized institution. Minimum qualifications include SSCE, NECO, or GCE with credits in Mathematics and English.
  4. Communication and Analytical Skills: Strong communication, interpersonal, and analytical skills are essential for effective performance in combating corruption.
  5. Age Limit: Applicants should be under 35 years old at the time of application, ensuring a dynamic and energetic workforce.
  6. Computer Literacy: While not mandatory, computer literacy is an advantage, reflecting the evolving nature of anti-corruption efforts.
  7. Means of Identification: A valid means of identification such as a driver’s license, National ID card, passport, or voter’s card is required.

Application Process:

To apply for the ICPC recruitment, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official ICPC Recruitment Portal: Go to to access the official portal.
  2. Complete the Application Form: Fill in your details accurately on the provided form, ensuring all information is correct.
  3. Submission: Submit the form online. Note that editing is not possible after submission.
  4. Print Registration Slip: After successful submission, print the registration slip for your records.

Important Notes:

Here are crucial points to keep in mind during the application process:

  1. Free Application: The application form is free; no payment is required to apply.
  2. Accuracy is Key: Take your time to accurately fill out the online form as editing is not possible after submission.
  3. Beware of Fraud: Be cautious of individuals promising assistance in exchange for payment. The application process is free of charge.
  4. Specialized Skills: Only candidates with specialized skills and required disciplines will be considered.
  5. Assessment Process: Shortlisted candidates will undergo assessments, including online tests and an aptitude test.
  6. Health and Fitness: Physical and mental fitness, as well as good health, are essential for successful candidates.

Closing Date:

The official closing date for ICPC Recruitment 2023/2024 has not been announced. Stay updated by regularly visiting the official recruitment portal or this website.


By adhering to these guidelines and meeting the necessary requirements, you are taking a significant step toward joining the ICPC and contributing to the crucial work of combating corruption in Nigeria. Good luck in your journey towards making a positive impact on the nation’s integrity and transparency. Stay informed by regularly checking the official ICPC recruitment portal for updates on the closing date and other important details. Your commitment to this cause can play a vital role in shaping a corruption-free future for Nigeria.

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