How to Get Jobs in Canada from Nigeria

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How to Get Jobs in Canada from Nigeria.

If you want to work in Canada, you may need to apply for a sponsorship visa in order to immigrate and hunt for a lucrative job. This option, however, may prove to be inefficient and even frustrating. However, there is another option for obtaining employment opportunities in Canada. It is through the process of jobs in Canada for Nigerian people.

How to Get Jobs in Canada from Nigeria

1. Create Attractive Resume

As a newcomer from Nigeria, your resume is crucial to getting interviews and career prospects. Employers prefer to read highlights of your work history rather than long listings of positions you’ve done on Canadian resumes, which are formatted in a traditional fashion. Instead of sending the same generic resume to every job post you see, consider personalizing your CV for each employment opportunity you wish to apply for.

2. Search in Job Portals

There is a great government job board available for a better job search in Canada. You can search for the latest job vacancy from Nigeria as well. Hundreds of jobs are updated on daily basis. You can focus on job openings that are a good fit for your work experience and area of interest. It may take longer to find a specialized career in your profession, but you have a better chance of being more qualified and happy when one becomes available.

Job Search Website in Canada

Getting a job in Canada from Nigeria will, of course, take time and effort, as you will need to continue applying to job vacancies that are open to both residents and international applicants from Nigeria.

Top Recruitment Agencies In Canada

To get a job in Canada from Nigeria, start submitting your application for a Canadian job. To apply for a job in Canada from Nigeria, you need to visit legit Canadian job sites to submit your application.

3. Recruitment Agencies for Immigration Service

The recruitment agencies in Canada may help you to find the proper job if you are applying from Nigeria. Several recruitment agencies are providing the best services from documentation, job application, visa preparation to final departure. So, you can consult the best recruitment agency in Canada to get jobs in Canada for Nigerian citizens.

Tips for Getting Jobs in Canada for Nigerian People

The Express Entry Program is the most efficient way to live and work in Canada from Nigeria. You will provide a list of all available employment opportunities in Canada after registering for Canada Express Entry.

Under several federal economic immigration programs, Express Entry is utilized to manage applications for permanent residence:

The next step in the process is to offer correct and verifiable information in case any of the information you gave has to be proven. Nationality, skill sets, skill level, working experience, language skills and competency, and educational status will all be required for the application.

If your application was successful, you will receive an email from mail express to your email address. This email will be sent to you if you are found qualified to hold all of the relevant qualifications and are invited to apply for the permit. Despite the fact that quick entry is the best option, there is no certainty that applicants will be able to live and work in Canada in the future. This is because only the most competent and high-ranking applicants will be chosen for immigration.

Applicants who are accepted will be required to present verifiable papers to the Canadian immigration agency to substantiate the accuracy of the information they provided. If the applicant’s documents are still deemed acceptable after evaluation, he will be awarded an immigrant visa.

Participate in the Express Entry Draw from Nigeria

From Nigeria, you can apply for permanent residency in Canada through the famous Express Entry route for skilled international workers. From an online pool of candidates, the Express Entry system chooses suitable individuals for permanent residency. The system is appropriately named Express Entry because it processes permanent residency applications in a record-breaking six months.

Housekeeping Jobs in Canada for Foreign Workers 2022

Candidates in the Express Entry pool are evaluated using the Comprehensive Ranking Approach, which is a point-based system (CRS). Each candidate is given a score based on eligibility criteria such as age, work experience, education, and the credentials of their spouses. In bi-weekly lotteries, the highest-scoring candidates get Invitations to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency. If you receive an ITA, you can seek to become a permanent resident of Canada.

Who is considered a skilled foreign worker? Find out below.

Skill level/typeExample jobs
Skill type 0Management jobs; human resource managers, etc
Skill level AProfessional jobs; accountants, marketing professionals, etc
Skill level BTechnical jobs and skilled trades: plumber, event planners, etc

Eligibility For Getting A Working Visa in Canada from Nigeria

If you meet the eligibility criteria of one of the federal immigration programs in Canada, you will be accepted into a pool of candidates. Express Entry applications are only valid for a year, after which people who are still interested in starting a new career in Canada can resubmit an express entry job application in Canada from Nigeria.

In order to obtain a working visa, you must be eligible.

  • Formal employment offer: You must have obtained a written job offer from your prospective employer to be eligible for a Canadian working visa. To ensure that a foreigner does not enter Canada under false pretenses, a written job offer is required.
  • Eligibility Proof: Documents such as a curriculum vitae (CV) or a Résume must be shown. For the position, you’ll need proof of your educational qualifications or professional experience. This is to guarantee that candidates meet the job’s basic standards.
  • Identity Proof: Applicants must provide proof of identity in the form of an international passport. This proof of identification certificate will serve as an assurance that you will not remain in the nation indefinitely and will return to your home country at the end of the contract.


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