MEXT Scholarship 2022-2023 is a fully funded scholarship for international students who want to study in Japan. This scholarship is open and available for undergraduate, Masters Program, PhD and training studies. MEXT scholarship will cover all your tuition fee, accommodation expenses, monthly living allowance and round airfare travel expenses from your country of residence to Japan.

The Japanese Government has just recently announced the opening of applications for the MEXT scholarships 2023. The MEXT scholarships program is of six different types:

  • those for research students (master and PhD)
  • teacher training students
  • undergraduate students
  • Japanese studies students
  • college of technology students
  • specialized training college students.

The country of residence of the applicant will determine the availability of the particular program he or she want to apply for.

Candidates that were successful will be invited to the Japanese Embassy in their country of residence to take a written exam. If they passed the exam, they will be called back to the Embassy for an interview. Candidates that are successful will be recommended to MEXT.

Japan is well known as one of the best place to live with its low crime rate. There are over 220,000 international students from over 170 countries and regions of the world who are currently studying in Japan. Japan is a highly tolerant country, where freedom of religion, freedom of speech and thought is guaranteed by the constitution.

It should also be noted that several Japanese universities are in the top 100 of the CWUR ranking, many more in the top 500 and in the top 1000.



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