AWS Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Scholarship Program 2023

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The Amazon Web Service (AWS) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Scholarship program, in collaboration with Intel and Udacity, targets to help underserved and underrepresented high school and college students learn foundational Machine Learning concepts to prepare them for careers in AI and ML.

Start your journey in tech with this scholarships and mentors

Prospective Students can take advantage of Udacity Nanodegree scholarships, mentorship, and career growth opportunities by choosing the AWS AI & ML Scholarship program on AWS DeepRacer Student. Applicants can earn up to two of 2,500 scholarships awarded annually to help them in pursuing a career in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

Features and Remunerations

You can learn Machine Learning faster with AWS DeepRacer Student

AWS DeepRacer Student is an entirely new free service for students who are 16 years or higher, who are enrolled in high school or its equivalent and higher education institutions around the globe.

Candidates can have to access 20 hours of AWS AI & ML content, receive 10 hours of model training, and 5 GB of storage per month to take part in the AWS DeepRacer Student League


Fast-track your career with this scholarships

Over 2,000 students per year will be awarded scholarships for the Udacity Artificial Intelligence Programming with Python Nanodegree program ($4,000 USD value). This four-month combined virtual course will teache programming tools and techniques fundamentals to machine learning, with support from Udacity teachers in weekly group sessions.

500 of the top performing students who achieve the highest scores in the first Udacity Nanodegree program can earn a second, more advanced Udacity Nanodegree. This six-month course combines deep learning and ML engineering concepts to prepare students for a career in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.


Including mentorship from AWS and Intel ML experts

All of the 2,000 students that participated in the program will receive personalized mentoring and career guidance through the monthly “Ask Me Anything” seminars with top industry experts. The topics discussed  ranges from career development and networking, promoting diversity and equity in the tech workforce, to technical experience in the field.

For Participants in the second Nanodegree program, they will receive a full year of one-on-one mentorship from an AWS or Intel employee who will provide leadership guidance for both coursework and preparing them for a career in technology.



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