Affordable Holiday Destinations in Lagos, Nigeria

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Affordable Holiday Destinations in Lagos, Nigeria. Your search for the best affordable holiday destinations in Lagos, Nigeria has come to an end. Thanks to this article, you’ll learn about the most affordable places to visit while taking your vacation in Lagos, Nigeria.

Whether you are looking to visit popular landmarks like Ikoyi and Victoria Island or want to experience the real culture of the country, this list has something for everyone. With options ranging from 5-star hotels and resorts to guesthouses and hostels, you can make your dream vacation come true without having to break the bank! Enjoy reading!Affordable Holiday Destinations in Lagos, Nigeria

Top 10 Affordable Holiday Destinations in Lagos
While many people are willing to travel for vacation or go on holiday during a summer or winter break, there are still plenty of others who might be hesitant to travel far. Vacationing and going on holidays doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. These top 10 affordable holiday destinations that are within Nigeria will surely get you excited to book a flight out and visit them all! (1) Lagos If you ask anyone who has been to Nigeria before whether they visited Lagos, most would say yes; it’s not hard not to because it is one of Nigeria’s most visited cities.

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  1. Victoria Island and Lagos Island
    If you want to experience a slice of what life is like for wealthy Nigerians, Victoria Island is where you want to be. This upmarket district contains some of Nigeria’s most popular and renowned attractions, such as Eko Atlantic (under construction), Sanyo Mall, and many luxury hotels. If you’re looking for somewhere unique to spend your vacation in Lagos or even a place with cheaper hotels and restaurants that are still close to all of the attractions on Victoria Island then look no further than Ojo or Eti-Osa . While these aren’t as upscale as some other areas they make up for it by having more affordable options.
  2. Lekki
    About 20 kilometers from Lagos is Lekki, a beach town that has recently become one of Africa’s holiday destinations. Its views are breathtaking and any day trip there will leave you breathless. However, a week away here is what you need to get away from your everyday life and enjoy some rest and relaxation at an affordable price.
  3. Apapa
    This is one of three cargo ports at which shipping lines bring goods into Lagos and is on an island (separated from mainland by a bridge) which separates Apapa and Tin Can Island. The port has great access to public transportation and is only 12 minutes away from Ikorodu Road—home to several apartments for rent in Nigeria.
  4. Bar Beach
    A great place to relax and enjoy your time with friends is Bar Beach. With beautiful blue waters and white sands that stretch for miles, you can’t go wrong. Located a bit further down Victoria Island from other popular vacation spots like Festac Town or Lekki Peninsula, it’s still easy to get to by bus or taxi.
  5. Ikoyi/Lagos Mainland
    So I know some of you may be thinking… Why should I go to Lagos? Well, if you are wondering why you should spend your holiday in lagos, then allow me to introduce Ikoyi and its neighbour lagos mainland. Ikoyi is located along Victoria Island – a short drive from anywhere within Lagos and still has spectacular views of both Victoria Island and Lekki.
  6. Badagry (Alimosho)
    Located to the west of Lagos Island, Alimosho is one of many local government areas that make up metropolitan Lagos. Though it has a wide range of accommodation and dining options to suit all budgets, there are plenty of markets and roadside stalls if you’re happy doing your shopping local.
  7. Iddo / Murtala Mohammed Airport (CMS International Airport Terminal 1 & 2)
    The airport is named after a former military head of state and President of Nigeria, General Murtala Mohammed. It is often called Lagos Airport because it serves the region of lagos state. In terms of passengers traffic handled and aircraft movements per year, Iddo / Murtala Mohammed Airport is considered to be one of Africa’s busiest airports as well as West Africa’s major air transport hub.
  8. Festac Town
    This neighborhood is where you’ll find it all: most of Lagos’s famous landmarks and attractions. In Festac Town, which actually comprises a few neighborhoods including Festac Town itself and Apapa among others, you can check out Victoria Island Mall (it’s new!), Channels Shopping Mall, Dodan Barracks—once a British military installation now housing some of Lagos’ most beautiful buildings—Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), and… oh my gosh… how could I forget? The National Stadium! Festac Town has everything you could want from your ideal holiday destination. Have fun planning your trip to your ideal vacation spot; we hope to see you soon!
  9. Ojo
    Traveling off-season may help you save on airfare and accommodations. In most countries, prices increase around national holidays and during major festivals. This can vary depending on your destination; for example, Lagos experiences a lot of visitors over Eid al-Fitr (the festival marking the end of Ramadan), but it isn’t a big summertime destination for Westerners. Some destinations don’t have real off-seasons—they simply get more crowded when people stop worrying about school and work schedules. Then there are places like Hawaii: in peak season (generally from mid-December to early April), some hotels charge up to $300 or more per night for rooms; at other times of year, you can find much better deals for as little as $100 per night.
  10. Eti-Osa
    Located on the Eastern side of Lagos Island, Eti-Osa is a quiet and serene part of town. It is also one of most historic areas in Lagos. Because it’s so popular with locals there are many family homes that have been renovated into small hotels and guest houses. Popular with backpackers looking for an affordable vacation in Lagos. Rent by week or month to save even more money!


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