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www.funai.edu.ng Student Portal Login 2023/2024 | Alex Ekwueme University, Ndufu-Alike Student Registration Portal

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on accessing the Alex Ekwueme University, Ndufu-Alike (FUNAI) Student Registration Portal. As a leading institution in Nigeria, FUNAI is dedicated to providing an exceptional academic experience for its students. This blog post will walk you through the simple login process, highlight the services offered through the portal, and shed light on the numerous benefits of this online platform.

Unlocking the Portal: FUNAI Student Registration Portal Login

To initiate your journey into the FUNAI student registration portal, start by visiting the official university website at www.funai.edu.ng. Once there, locate and click on the “Student Portal” tab, guiding you to the dedicated login page.

Logging In: Matriculation Number and Password

The login process is straightforward. Enter your Matriculation Number and Password, with the former being a unique identifier assigned upon admission. The password acts as a security feature, ensuring the confidentiality of your academic records.

Services Offered on the Portal

Upon a successful login, students gain access to a plethora of services designed to streamline their academic experience:

  1. Checking FUNAI Admission List: Stay updated on your admission status through the portal.
  2. Updating Bio-Data: Keep your personal information current for efficient communication.
  3. School Fees Payment: Easily navigate the payment process and check your payment history.
  4. Course Registration: Register for courses, reprint course forms, and manage your academic schedule.
  5. Access to Academic Records: Retrieve important academic information, including transcripts and grades.

The Convenience Factor

One of the portal’s standout features is its convenience. No longer bound by physical constraints, students can access critical information from anywhere, at any time. This proves invaluable for those residing far from the campus or managing busy schedules.

Stay Informed: Latest News and Updates

Keep abreast of the latest campus happenings, academic programs, and essential deadlines through the portal. It serves as a hub for crucial information, ensuring you’re always in the loop.


The FUNAI Student Registration Portal is more than just a gateway to academic records; it’s a tool designed to enhance your overall university experience. Enjoy the convenience of accessing vital information at your fingertips, and make the most of the services offered through this user-friendly platform.

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