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Senators’ Salaries In Nigeria: How Much Do They Earn?

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The debate over the salaries of senators in Nigeria has been a heated topic for years. Some say they earn too much, while others argue their pay is fair. Let’s dive into the details and break it down.

How Much Do Senators Earn in Nigeria?

A Nigerian senator’s basic salary is NGN 1.5 million monthly, which is around $7,700 USD. But wait, there’s more! Senators also get various allowances that add up:

  • Hardship Allowance: NGN 263,490/month
  • Constituency Allowance: NGN 150,710/month
  • Vehicle Allowance: NGN 237,590/month
  • Entertainment Allowance: NGN 35,511/month
  • Utilities Allowance: NGN 32,683/month
  • Leave Allowance: NGN 13,568/month
  • Severance Allowance: NGN 26,659/month

On top of these, senators enjoy benefits like free medical care, housing, and travel allowances.

Are Senators’ Salaries Too High?

Opinions vary. Some argue that senators deserve their pay given their responsibilities. However, others think it’s too much, especially when many Nigerians struggle financially.

A 2019 survey by BudgIT showed the average Nigerian earns NGN 33,000/month. This means a senator earns roughly 45 times more than an average citizen.

The Public’s Reaction

Many Nigerians are upset about the high salaries. They see it as a sign that the government is out of touch with ordinary people. In 2019, students even protested, calling the salaries a waste of public funds.

The Way Forward

So, what can be done? One option is to cut senators’ salaries. Another is to make the system more transparent to build trust.


The debate over senators’ salaries isn’t going away soon. While some see their pay as fair, many Nigerians think it’s too high. Finding a middle ground that balances fairness and fiscal responsibility is crucial.


  1. How does a senator’s salary compare to the average Nigerian’s income?

    • A Nigerian senator’s salary is about 45 times more than the average monthly income of a Nigerian.
  2. What benefits do senators receive apart from their salaries?

    • Senators enjoy benefits like free medical care, housing allowance, and various travel allowances.
  3. Have there been protests against senators’ high salaries?

    • Yes, in 2019, Nigerian students protested against what they viewed as excessive salaries for senators, calling it a waste of public money

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