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RSU School Fees 2023/2024 Academic Session | Rivers State University School Fees

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Are you gearing up for the 2023/2024 academic session at Rivers State University? We’ve got you covered with all the essential information about the school fees released by the institution. In this blog post, we’ll break down the tuition fees for both returning students and freshers, providing a detailed overview of the costs associated with various faculties.

RSU School Fees for 2023/2024 Academic Session Revealed: What You Need to Know”

The management of Rivers State University has officially released the school fees for the upcoming academic session. It’s crucial for students to stay informed and prepare for the financial aspects of their education. The fees have been made accessible on the school’s official portal, and timely payment is strongly advised.

Tuition Fees Breakdown:

  1. Returning Students: N55,000
  2. Freshers (New Students): N115,750

Faculty-specific Breakdown:

  • Clinical Science (Medicine and Surgery) – N55,000
  • Science – N55,000
  • Engineering – N55,000
  • Social Science – N55,000
  • Pharmacy – N55,000
  • Law – N55,000
  • Nursing – N55,000
  • Business Administration – N55,000

Important Notes:

  • Part-time, Postgraduates, and Direct Entry students have different fee structures.
  • Detailed fee breakdowns for these categories can be found on the official school website.

How to Pay:

To ensure a smooth start to the academic year, students are encouraged to pay their tuition fees on or before the resumption date. The payment process can be completed through the school’s online portal, providing a convenient and secure method for financial transactions.s.


staying informed about the school fees for the 2023/2024 academic session is a crucial step in preparing for a successful academic year at Rivers State University. Whether you’re a returning student or a fresher, understanding the costs associated with your education allows for better financial planning. For more detailed information on Part-time, Postgraduate, and Direct Entry fees, make sure to visit the official school website.

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