Salary Structure

Salary structure of Hospitality and Tourism graduate in Nigeria

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So, you’ve bagged that shiny Hospitality and Tourism degree in Nigeria. Congratulations! Now, the burning question is, “What’s the earning potential in this field?” We’ve got you covered with this straightforward guide to the Nigerian Hospitality and Tourism salary landscape.

Where Can Your Degree Take You?

Nigeria’s Hospitality and Tourism industry is bustling with opportunities. Whether you fancy hotels, airlines, restaurants, or even theme parks, there’s something for everyone.

  • Hotels and Resorts: Imagine working in vibrant city hotels or tranquil beach resorts, managing guests, food, events, and more.
  • Airlines and Travel Agencies: Craft memorable journeys for travel enthusiasts and adventurers.
  • Restaurants and Nightclubs: Dive into the culinary and nightlife scenes, overseeing restaurants, catering, and events.
  • Theme Parks and Entertainment Venues: Create enchanting experiences for families and thrill-seekers alike.
  • Tourism Boards and Government Agencies: Showcase Nigeria’s beauty, handling marketing, research, and policies.
  • Event Management Companies: Plan and execute everything from weddings to conferences, focusing on every tiny detail.

What Can You Expect to Earn?

Let’s break down the salary ranges for different experience levels. Keep in mind that these are approximations, and your actual pay might vary based on your role, experience, and employer.

  • Entry-Level (0-2 years):

    • Trainee Chef/Restaurant Staff: N30,000 – N50,000
    • Guest Service Agent/Front Desk Officer: N35,000 – N60,000
    • Travel Consultant/Booking Agent: N40,000 – N70,000
    • Event Coordinator Assistant: N35,000 – N55,000
    • Marketing Assistant/Public Relations Associate: N40,000 – N65,000
  • Mid-Level (3-5 years):

    • Sous Chef/Head Waiter: N60,000 – N90,000
    • Guest Relations Manager/Assistant Sales Manager: N70,000 – N110,000
    • Travel Agency Manager/Tour Operator: N80,000 – N130,000
    • Event Coordinator/Marketing Specialist: N75,000 – N120,000
  • Senior-Level (5+ years):

    • Executive Chef/Restaurant Manager: N100,000 – N150,000
    • Hotel Operations Manager/Sales Manager: N120,000 – N180,000
    • Tourism Board Official/Regional Marketing Manager: N150,000 – N220,000
    • Event Production Manager/Marketing Director: N130,000 – N200,000
  • Leadership (10+ years):

    • General Manager/Resort Manager: N200,000 – N300,000
    • Head of Sales/Director of Tourism: N250,000 – N350,000
    • CEO/Managing Director: N300,000 + (the sky’s the limit!)


Embarking on a career in Hospitality and Tourism in Nigeria offers a world of possibilities. Whether you’re just starting or climbing the career ladder, the industry rewards dedication, skill, and experience. With these salary insights, you can chart your path with confidence, knowing your worth in this dynamic field.


  1. What factors can influence my salary in Hospitality and Tourism?

    • Your specific role, experience level, and the company you work for can significantly impact your salary.
  2. Are there opportunities for growth in this industry?

    • Absolutely! With experience and skill development, you can climb the ladder from entry-level positions to leadership roles.
  3. Do I need additional certifications to boost my salary?

    • While a degree is a good start, additional certifications or specialized training can enhance your skills and potentially increase your earning potential.

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