Salary Structure

National Orientation Agency (NOA) Salary Structure

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Working for the National Orientation Agency (NOA) means being part of a team that promotes national unity, patriotism, and positive values across Nigeria. If you’re considering a career with NOA or just curious about their salary structure, this guide breaks it down in simple terms.

Entry-Level Positions at NOA

If you’re starting your career at NOA, you’ll likely be classified as Grade 7 or Grade 8. Here’s what you can expect in terms of monthly salary:

  • Grade 7: N37,433 – N42,295
  • Grade 8: N41,596 – N46,776

But that’s not all! Along with your basic salary, NOA offers additional allowances. These include housing, transportation, and medical allowances. The exact amount you receive will depend on your grade level and where you’re based.

Mid-Level Positions at NOA

Moving up the ladder, mid-level positions range from Grade 9 to Grade 13. Here’s a breakdown of the monthly salaries for these roles:

  • Grade 9: N48,235 – N53,866
  • Grade 10: N54,569 – N60,713
  • Grade 11: N61,153 – N67,636
  • Grade 12: N67,504 – N74,810
  • Grade 13: N74,215 – N81,069

Senior Positions at NOA

At the senior level, positions are classified from Grade 14 to Grade 17. Here are the monthly salary ranges:

  • Grade 14: N82,293 – N89,822
  • Grade 15: N90,160 – N98,042
  • Grade 16: N100,379 – N109,617
  • Grade 17: N113,193 – N123,596


Whether you’re starting out or aiming for a senior role, NOA offers a structured salary system that rewards experience and expertise. Remember, these figures are just the basic salaries. NOA employees also receive allowances that can add to their total compensation.


1. What allowances do NOA employees receive?

NOA employees are entitled to allowances such as housing, transportation, and medical allowances. The exact amount depends on the grade level and location of the employee.

2. How often are salaries paid at NOA?

Salaries at NOA are typically paid on a monthly basis.

3. Are there opportunities for career advancement at NOA?

Yes, NOA provides opportunities for career growth and advancement. Employees can progress through the grades as they gain experience and skills.

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