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6 important precautions you must take if you want to travel to Europe for your studies

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If you are traveling to the Europe for the first time especially for studies or on scholarships, there are shocks that you are going to experience that may affect the rest of your stay in Europe. We have summarized them here for you and hope that you took all the precaution necessary to avoid getting yourself into trouble. Make sure you read this article from beginning to end so that you’ll be able to understand this Shocks and how to avoid them.


The first shock abroad is knowing that 1 dollar is not equal to 1 naira. Get ready to perform all the mathematics calculation in your head as you spend. Don’t bring dollars abroad without verification.

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It reminds me of this story. Two days after one of the friends I assisted arrived from Nigeria. He had changed his naira to dollars from one “aboki” while in Lagos. I drove him and one other sister who rented a room from my apartment to the place where we change currency. I was waiting in the car and the next thing I saw after 30 minutes was two police men who came out handcuffing two of them to the central police station.


Boy oh boy, I drove and followed the police car to know what happened. I told them they both stay in my apartment, and they are my brother and sister (Nigerian terminology). It happened that when the brother presented the money to change, it was discovered that two of the 100 dollar note were fake. As the rule cannot be broken, they signalled the police to come and pick a supposed criminal. After crying a river out of her eyes, the sister was released but the brother was held for 6 hours.


I told the police at the reception that I was not ready to leave. They started interrogation, God was faithful, he had the receipt of the place that changed money for him inside his bag from Nigeria. Police took him to my house and searched everywhere looking for more fake money. It was the first shocker for this brother.

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Let me summarise other shockers of first arrival

  1. Check and don’t carry fake currency to abroad. Your case will be OYO
  2. Avoid crime or anything that will make police to arrest you. J J C (Jonny Just come) is not an excuse abroad. The brother was finally released after they saw the receipt and exactly the amount he changed was with him. If he had extra, he would have gone to jail two days after arrival from Nigeria. The only problem was that it was in his police record for 3 years and almost affected his student visa extension. Any crime abroad can cost you to be deported or denial of visa or jail or citizenship


  1. When you decide to go to night party avoid drunk girls. Some drunk oyibo girls will want “quick action” and if you fall to them at the party, can destroy your destiny. A brother who was excited a lady who never said hello to him in the day saw him at night, and she was drunk, he danced all the fuji styles in Nigeria with her and finally he landed on her bed. The honeymoon later turn to hell moon when she realised what happened overnight. She called the boyfriend on phone and my guy landed in police. He spent two years in jail and later deported with a 10-year ban not to enter Schengen area


  1. Prostitution is a funny crime in Europe. You can sell but you cant buy. Meaning you can decide to “Open Body” but anyone who sees the Open body can land in jail. Discipline is very important. That a white woman kiss you is not a conclusion she wanted a quick action. Learn to pour cold water on your body and chew kolanut to cool down. The court is made to believe and conclude in the favour of the white ladies. I have not seen or heard any rape case that favoured the black man even in cases where it was a mutual consent. British Council’s GREAT Scholarships Program 2022-2023


  1. If you have a bachelor degree to lie and you don’t bother to stop it now in Nigeria, when you get over, you will graduate to PhD in lies. A brother whose permit got finished and was asked to return to Nigeria, but he went AWOL and after few months he was caught, you know without blinking eye he told the judge that was to deport him that his father and mother are long dead and the family members wanted to circumcise him and that was why he escaped Nigeria.. Imagine a 40 year old strong man telling the judge that.. He won the case though to our amazement but truth is golden if you learn to speak it.. It will give you peace of mind.


  1. If you are a lover of seeing people fight. Hear me, in abroad, when you see people fighting especially at night clubs or anywhere, don’t come and do let me watch fight or separate them. Stay as far as possible as a black man, beside did you come to oyibo land to watch kungfu. The reason is that when police arrives and you are found there, you will either become a witness in court or part of the people arrested for fighting. I can tell you countless stories of people who had to pay fine for what they don’t know. Same thing if you manage to secure a small paying job anywhere, when thieves attack, don’t do superman to fight them, just do and sleep when they finish, let them go and insurance will cover the business lost. Fighting them is putting the lives of your co-workers in danger and you may be sack by your manager for foolish bravery.

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In conclusion make, sure you understand the cultural difference of the country you are travelling to. The laws is not the same as your country of origin. It is your responsibility to learn the laws and stay out of trouble because if you break any law, there is nothing like an excuse or pleading that are JJC and even crying as many do won’t help you. The only thing that will help you is for you to know the rules and follow them all the time.

Europe is one of the best place you can travel for your studies, as there are a lot of scholarship opportunities available for you to apply.

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